COPS CORNER: Restaurant patron reports suspected drug crime, suspect caught carrying gun illegally

Also in Cops Corner: Extinguishing the problem

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June 6

Restaurant patron reports suspected drug crime, suspect caught carrying gun illegally

1:09 p.m. First block of Old Kings Road. Narcotics: A woman was having lunch at a restaurant when she noticed a man and woman sitting outside and taking multiple pills from baggies. She began recording them on her phone, and called the Sheriff's Office, according to a deputy's report.

A deputy arrived and told the man to step over to the patrol car so the deputy could check him for weapons. The man instead reached for a pocket, and the deputy "immediately escorted (the man) to the front of my patrol vehicle and began a pat-down," finding a loaded .22 revolver, an eyeglass case holding burnt spoons, a shoe lace tied in segment like a tourniquet, a straw, about 20 "nickel bags" of a "clear crystalline substance" that tested positive for meth, an antique gold compass and foreign coins.

Deputies didn't find contraband on the woman the man was with, but she did have multiple cell phones and two Nintendo DS units in her purse, according to the report. She said all but two of the cell phones belonged to the man, and deputies took the items that belonged to the man into custody to see if they had been reported stolen. 

The man said the gun was his mother's, but that it had been stolen and "that he recovered the handgun by unknown means" and was holding it to return to his mother, according to the report. Deputies charged the man with carrying a concealed firearm without a license and with drug offenses. They gave the woman resources for getting help with substance abuse issues. 

June 13

Extinguishing the problem

3:45 a.m. 200 block of Ocean Crest Drive. Criminal mischief: A guard at a beachfront resort in Flagler County was sitting in his guard tower in the resort's parking garage when he heard a knock on the door. He opened it and saw a fire extinguisher being set off and several people running away from the extinguisher.

He ran after one of them, then stood behind the runner's vehicle to stop him from leaving. A Sheriff's Office deputy arrived and spoke to one of the young men, "who appeared to be flushed due to some sort of aerobic activity and extremely sweaty," according to the deputy's report.

But the young man said he had nothing to do with the fire extinguisher and had just been walking on the beach, that he was alone, and that he was flushed because of the weather. "It should be noted that it was 75 degrees and with a slight breeze," the deputy wrote in the report.

One of the other young men implicated himself, the flushed runner and two others in the fire extinguisher shenanigans, and said there were actually three extinguishers set off, not one. Deputies trespassed all four from the resort and arrested two. 


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