COPS CORNER: Fisherman hooks gun stolen in 2011

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May 18

Fisherman hooks gun stolen in 2011

11:57 p.m. Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center. Stolen handgun recovered.
Late the night of May 18, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office got a call from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office: A local fisherman had found a handgun stolen in Flagler County in 2011.

The fisherman snagged the gun, a 9mm Smith and Wesson, in a lake near U.S. Highway 17.

A Flagler County man reported the handgun stolen from his Nissan Pathfinder on June 27, 2011, according to a Sheriff's Office report.

He told deputies he’d left the loaded gun in his center console along with a boot knife and a $50 pair of sunglasses the day before while he ran some errands and went out for pizza. He noticed they were all missing the next morning.

He thought he’d kept the car locked the whole time, but thee as no damage to the vehicle.

May 20

This isn’t how you have a 'cat fight.'

9:01 p.m. First block of Brownstone Lane. Domestic disturbance.
A Sheriff’s Office deputy responding to a domestic disturbance call found a man with a busted lip caused by an uncommon weapon: A housecat chucked at him by his angry girlfriend.

The man told the deputy he’d been arguing with his girlfriend of thee years when she picked up the cat and threw it onto his face, then grabbed him and pushed him.

The deputy arrested the girlfriend on a charge of domestic battery, according to an arrest report.

$400 purse left on front seat = thief magnet

8:01 p.m. 1000 block of Palm Coast Parkway S.W. Burglary.
Two women walked out of a class at a local yoga lounge May 20 and found that someone had smashed their car windows and broken into their cars, which were parked side by side.

One victim had left her $400 Michael Kohrs purse sitting on the front passenger seat with a $100 wallet, plus credit and debit cards, tucked inside. It was all gone.

The other had left a lunch box, a $100 Michael Kohrs wristlet wallet and debt and credit cards under some clothing in the front seat. The wallet, lunch box and cards were all taken. An iPad that had been sitting on top on the lunch box was not stolen, according to a Sheriff's Office report.

There was no video surveillance of the crime, and there were no witnesses.

A deputy photographed the damage and gave each woman a case card.



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