LETTERS: Pontieri's remarks about Jan. 6 call her judgement into question

Letters to the editor: Kudos to city for quick response on canal problem.

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  • | 12:00 p.m. September 29, 2022
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Pontieri's remarks about Jan. 6 call her judgement into question

Dear Editor:

In an interview the Daytona Beach News-Journal had with District 2 City Council candidate Theresa Pontieri several months ago, it seemed that she had joined the ranks of 2020 “election deniers.” 

The News-Journal pointed out that in her video podcasts, disregarding facts, she put forward the tiresome claim that Joe Biden was the "alleged" president of the United States, referring to him as “APOTUS,” which has that connotation.

She would not acknowledge that he received the most votes, and stated she was disappointed and really angry that Vice President Mike Pence did not do more on Jan. 6 to stand up for the ex-president and his supporters. She complained that Pence did nothing, when in actuality “nothing” is exactly what he could legally do. So, not only did Pontieri question, without any evidence, the election outcome, but she was angry because Pence would not subvert the will of the voters. 

This is significant for several reasons. Although she said she didn’t condone the violence, her continuing to express this false narrative, which was the same extremist narrative that was a driving force behind the violent events of Jan. 6, calls into question her judgment. 

Pontieri is an attorney who has an education in constitutional law and swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. She surely should have known that the election outcome and the certification process are legally and Constitutionally bound and should have respected that and upheld her oath.  

In addition to Pontieri’s well-known podcast content that forced her resignation as general counsel from our Sheriff’s Office for racially inflammatory and divisive comments, the judgement exhibited in her extremist 2020 election comments may be something voters want to consider as well.

Although Palm Coast could benefit from an attorney sitting on the City Council, it should be one without radical views, with respect for diversity, and one who displays reasoned judgments. 

Mary Zito

Palm Coast        


Kudos to city for quick response on canal problem

Dear Editor:

I live in the W Section of Palm Coast next to a canal. On Sept. 19, 3.6 inches of rain fell in one hour.

On Sept. 20, I called the city and reported a serious blockage of the canal drainage with mounds of vegetation and debris.

There was an immediate response, and Tim came to view the damage. In the event of a storm, the water would have come up to our house.

The next day a crew with large machinery came to remove the debris, dredge the canal and open the drainage pipe under the road.

My neighbors and I really appreciate the prompt response by the city in addressing this dangerous situation. Thanks to Tim and the entire crew; they did a great job!

Becky Schubert

Palm Coast



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