Uber driver says teens stole his medical marijuana

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  • | 5:00 p.m. May 31, 2022
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May 17

Finders, keepers?

2:41 p.m. — First block of Byron Ellinor Drive, Ormond Beach

Larceny. A 36-year-old Palm Coast Uber driver reported to police that a group of teens he had recently picked up from a local McDonalds and dropped off at an Ormond Beach home had stolen his medical marijuana.

According to the incident report, the driver said that once he realized the marijuana was missing, he drove back and attempted to speak to the teenagers. He knocked on the front door multiple times, but no one answered. He could smell that they were smoking his marijuana from outside. 

When police arrived, the driver was standing near the property, watching to see if the teenagers exited the home. He explained the situation to the reporting officer, and the officer commented that he didn't understand how the teens knew about the marijuana if it had been inside his vehicle's center console. The man then admitted that the unit was in plain view because the door to shut the console had been open as he intended to use some later "because he was having a bad day," the report details. 

The officer explained the laws about medical marijuana, and the driver then became upset when the officer remarked that, while it was legal to transport the marijuana from the dispensary to a private residence or property, the law didn't extend to picking up Uber customers. If the marijuana had been secured properly, the officer said to him, it wouldn't have been stolen. The officer did acknowledge the teens shouldn't have taken it.

The man said he was going to sit out in front of the home until the parents arrived, and the officer suggested he not do that since the incident involved minors and he was a "large adult." The officer offered to call a teen's parents and let him know the outcome, but the driver said he was "done" speaking with the officer, asked for the supervisor's information, and asked to leave. He sped away, upset. 

About five minutes later, the homeowner arrived and the officer explained to him what had transpired. The homeowner offered to bring one of the teens out, but they had all run out the back door during the driver's conversation with the officer.

May 19

Help wanted

10:35 a.m. — 700 block of South Atlantic Avenue, Ormond Beach

Suspicious incident. Police responded to a local hotel after an employee called in a suspicious incident.

She told police that a maintenance employee entered a room to work on the patio door, and found a cell phone and a note that read, "Please help give to police" in all capital letters. The items were handed to police in a bag. 

A woman from Orlando had stayed in the room two nights prior and police attempted to make contact. Her voicemail inbox was full, and the reporting officer was unable to leave a message. Deputies in Orange County conducted a wellbeing check, and stated that the woman knew nothing about the note and was "sketched out" by it. 

May 29

Well-known trespasser

12:31 a.m. — 700 block of South Nova Road, Ormond Beach

Trespassing. While patrolling a local shopping plaza, an officer noticed an individual slouched over on a picnic table.

The officer approached him and asked him for his name, which the man gave. He had a trespass affidavit on file for that plaza, and once informed about this, the man said he already knew that. According to his arrest report, the man said that all of the officers knew who he was from previous interactions and trespassing incidents.

He was placed under arrest. While the reporting officer conducted a search on his person, the man admitted to having a used syringe in his right sock. He said he had used it for methamphetamine that morning in the woods. Police also found a partially-smoked marijuana cigarette on his person.

He was taken to jail. 


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