Woman calls police after man comments on her 'privilege' for her parking

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  • | 3:00 p.m. March 15, 2022
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March 2

Parking dispute

10:02 a.m. — Intersection of South Center Street and Hand Avenue

Disturbance. A 46-year-old Ormond Beach woman called police over claims of a reckless driver who was waving a gun outside of his vehicle, but officers soon discovered the story wasn't quite accurate. 

Officers arrived at the woman's home to gather more information on the incident, but the woman was defensive and denied any assistance, according to the incident report. She denied providing any personal details, but demanded the officers' information who were at the scene. She only told officers that the incident occurred at a local coffee shop chain location and that the man told her she was a "white privileged b----" and said he threatened to shoot her. She said that she followed him in her car to get his tag information, and that was when he pointed a gun out of his car. 

Officers went to the coffee shop and spoke to the manager, who said the man — also identified as white in the incident report — was a regular and was always polite. She provided them with surveillance footage, that showed the man grabbed his coffee, exited the building and got in his car when the woman parked behind him to prevent him from leaving. He was seen getting out of his car, and then trying to leave again, this time successfully driving around the woman's vehicle.

Police contacted the 35-year-old Ormond Beach man, who was cooperative and said he had been on the phone with his father and walking into the coffee shop when he made the passing comment, "It must be nice to have white privilege and park wherever you want," in reference to the woman having parked on the side of the building, instead of a regular parking spot. 

Once he exited the building, the woman pulled behind his car and tried to prevent him from leaving. The man admitted to police that he said to the woman: "If I had a gun, I would've shot you in the head." 

However, the man doesn't own any firearms, and police didn't find any in his car. The man said he shouldn't have called the woman "privileged," and police determined the woman had omitted "major events" in the story.

March 7

Capture the flags

1:10 p.m. — First block of South St. Andrews St. 

Larceny. Police responded to the residence of a 55-year-old Ormond Beach woman, who informed them that juveniles had stolen flags from her front lawn a couple nights before. 

The woman said that her security video footage showed six juveniles in a golf cart pull up to her front lawn, get out, and take her eight flags and flagpoles that were lined up along the perimeter of her lawn. She said this has been a recurring incident, but that this was the first time she was reporting it because she now had video footage,

She wished to press charges.


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