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Trump Club takeover of City Council?

Dear Editor:

As a voting resident of Flagler County and beautiful Palm Coast, it pained me to open the Palm Coast Observer to find out the City Council has changed its name. 

It seems Ed Danko and company have renamed it the "Trump Club" and hand out endorsements as such. It's too bad that members of the council cannot leave their politics at home and act with dignity and respect while doing the business of all voters in Palm Coast. Open sniping on past and current members only does harm and divides us all further. 

An otherwise thought-provoking article on dredging and growth devolved into a display of childlike behavior from the council member.

Jennifer Humphreys 

Palm Coast


Thanks for making Boat Parade a success

Dear Editor:

The 38th-annual Palm Coast Holiday Boat Parade was the largest in Palm Coast history and is now the largest community boat parade in the state of Florida. On behalf of the Palm Coast Yacht Club, host of the parade, I would like to thank the more than 74 boaters who made this happen. It was a brilliant accomplishment, involving hundreds of hours of labor and creativity.

There are many others to acknowledge, not the least of which are Sheriff Rick Staly, Mayor David Alfin, the Florida Inland Navigation District, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, David Ayres and the Flagler Broadcasting staff, joined by Priscilla Netts, and Linda Cole.

In particular, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to Palm Coast Observer Publisher John Walsh who over the years has donated significant advertising and editorial space to the parade. His support is indispensable.

To all of these people, thank you. They are all testimony to the spirit of Palm Coast. 

Sarah Elizabeth Ulis

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: Sara Ulis is the chair of the Palm Coast Holiday Boat Parade. The next parade will be Dec. 3, 2022.


Is this student performance acceptable?

Dear Editor:

According to the Flagler County School Board Strategic Plan, only 56% of students here in Flagler County are at grade level in English/language arts, and only 57% are at grade level in math. This is consistent with academic levels across our county.  

According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, over 2/3 of eighth graders in the United States are below proficient in math and just 1/3 of eighth graders are proficient in English. Just 1/4 of seniors graduating from U.S. public schools are proficient in math; with 1/3 of seniors proficient in reading.

What does this mean? According to the Pew Research Center, U.S. students are, at best, middle of the pack among all nations in the world. We should all find this appalling that our children rank behind many other advanced industrial nations! 

Please get involved with your children’s curriculum and education.  

What has happened to our education system?  Maybe we should get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and stop with all the cancel culture indoctrination. Our children should be taught skills that will help them survive in life and be able to lead in the future.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing to prohibit Critical Race Theory from Florida schools. Other states are doing the same.

"Let's talk about what’s really happening," said Winsome Sears, lieutenant governor of Virginia. ”Our children are not learning. We don’t have time to teach about oppression, that the child is a victim, that the white kids are the oppressors. We don’t have time in a school day for that."

It is critical that all parents of public school students be made aware of these poor performance statistics and get involved with their children’s education.

Kathy Robison

Palm Coast


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