Ormond man arrested after he threatened to run over officers guarding barricades for Christmas parade

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  • | 6:30 p.m. December 16, 2022
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Dec. 10

Barricade bust

6:18 p.m. — Intersection of Division Avenue and South Washington Street, Ormond Beach

Aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. An 81-year-old Ormond Beach man drove up to a police barricade, which was in place due to the city's Home for the Holidays parade, and told the community service officer who was on duty that he was going to get through "no matter what" and threatened to run him over. His pickup truck brushed the officer's leg as he spoke, according to a police report.

The man then drove to another barricade and threatened to run over the police officer on guard. He then drove around the barricades, and in doing so, almost hit the officer with his truck. It should be noted that the man lives in one of the streets affected by the parade road blocks. 

Police responded to the scene and arrested him. 

Christmas shopping pressures

8:46 p.m. — 1500 block of West Granada Boulevard, Ormond Beach

Grand theft. A 50-year-old Holly Hill woman was arrested for stealing over $800 worth of merchandise from a local supermarket.

According to a police report, the woman was seen by an employee placing items into a red plastic tote in her shopping cart. The items included personal care items, home decorations and grocery items. Once done picking things up around the store, the woman went to a self-checkout lane and paid for a liter of soda before leaving the store. She had taken with her $855.28 worth of items.

When detained by police, the woman said she knew stealing was wrong and that she had never done anything like that, but that she had wanted to purchase Christmas gifts for her family. 

She was taken to jail. 

Dec. 11

Defying orders

6:43 p.m. — 100 block of South Nova Road, Ormond Beach

Resisting an officer without violence. Police responded to a local ice cream shop after receiving a call about a man who employees suspected was vandalizing a restroom.

Once at the ice cream shop, the officers saw the man walking away in the parking lot. The man, a 47-year-old from Middlesburg, looked directly at the patrol car, according to a police report, and the officer activated his overhead lights. The man continued to walk away and the officer directed him to stop.

The man complied, but became "verbally defiant," the report states. The officer asked him to sit down; the man refused.

The officer took out his taser and asked him again. The man, again, refused, at least until a second patrol car arrived at the scene, and then he sat down. He was secured in handcuffs.

Police discovered the ice cream shop's bathroom had not been vandalized. The man was arrested for resisting the officer's orders, and in the patrol car, insinuated that he would find the officer once he got out of jail and "become violent" when he does, the officer noted in his report. The man said the officer was "lucky" the man didn't attack him when he first approached him. 

The man was taken to jail.


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