Police arrest Ormond man who was reported to cause nightly disturbances in his neighborhood

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Dec. 3

Drunk 'hostage'

12:07 a.m. — First block of West Granada Boulevard, Ormond Beach

Disorderly intoxication. Police responded to a local restaurant after receiving a call about a fight amongst patrons. Once they arrived, restaurant staff and the people involved told officers that it was just a verbal argument, and that they had been separated and were in the process of leaving.

According to a police report, two of the people were still arguing when police arrived on the scene, and the reporting officer noted one of them — a 57-year-old Deltona man — appeared to be very drunk. Police remained at the scene to make sure the man did not attempt to drive home.

The man's boss, who was at the scene, told officers that he had called an Uber for him, but that the man was refusing to leave in the car. His boss became frustrated and left, the report states. The man then attempted to enter the restaurant  — which was now closed — to try to leave out the front door. Police followed him and tried to get him to call his wife to come pick him up. 

The man sat down on a couch inside the closed business as employees were trying to close up and leave for the night. He was able to contact a friend to ask them to send him another Uber, but when the friend asked him to text him his address, the man became irate and called the officers by a derogatory term, yelling that they wouldn't let him leave and that he was being "sequestered," according to the report. 

He then "violently" threw his car keys on the couch, the report continues, and began yelling more profanities and causing a scene after one of the officers grabbed his keys. 

He was taken to jail. 

Dec. 4

Midnight mischief

1:37 a.m. — First block of Nightingale Lane, Ormond Beach

Disorderly conduct. Several residents contacted police to report their neighbor, a 58-year-old man, was causing a disturbance by yelling obscenities, honking his car's horn and speeding down the road, prompting other neighbors to exit their homes due to the noise. 

When officers arrived at the scene, the man was sitting outside his house in a rocking chair with two beer cans beside him. According to a police report, he said he was unaware why police turned up. 

The reporting officer notes there was a "crowd of neighbors" at one of the homes nearby. One of the witnesses told police that the man had been acting unruly that night, and many others. The witness reported the man had been driving up and down the road while honking his horn and cursing at his wife. Another witness told police she had received threatening text messages from the man. A third witness told police he had yelled that he hoped they would all die of cancer. 

He was taken to jail.




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