Is Palm Coast growing too fast? Readers weigh in about traffic woes

Here's what your neighbors are talking about this week.

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  • | 10:17 a.m. September 21, 2021
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Dear Editor:

Dennis Rathsam’s letter last week, “Traffic is getting out of control in Palm Coast,” has it right. With all of its superfast growth, Palm Coast is turning into a parking lot. The construction at the intersection of Old Kings Road and Palm Coast Parkway has been going on for a year, and the permanent lane closures have totally disrupted Palm Coast’s main intersection with massive traffic jams. 

I thought repaving the closed lanes weeks or months ago would have alleviated much of the congestion, but no.

Our City Council sees growth as tax revenue, so that thinking gets us The Palms (88 units), Central Landings (233 units), The Tribute (246 units), etc. Councilman Nick Klufas says The Tribute, with perhaps 500 more cars, is “just not going to impact too many people.” Great thinking like that has gotten us to where we are.

Gerald Ash

Palm Coast


Facebook Feedback

Compared with other cities you've lived in, how is the traffic in Palm Coast? The following were among the 174 comments posted on the Palm Coast Observer’s Facebook page:

Jason Hamel: As someone who travels in traffic at least 4 to 8 times a day, it definitely takes way longer to get across town than it used to, especially from The Hammock to Belle Terre.

Luigi Battaglia: Anyone who complains about the “traffic” in Palm Coast has never driven in a real city.

Valerie Nicole: Compared to major metropolitan cities/areas, much better. But this city isn’t even close to that, so it’s silly to compare. How about asking how is the traffic here compared to a year ago? Five years ago? We are here four years, and traffic has certainly gotten heavy, especially on Palm Coast Parkway and State Road 100. Old Kings Road started backing up, before road construction. Keep over building like it’s going, and it may become a traffic nightmare with no way to alleviate it. Better plan now.


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