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  • | 5:40 a.m. September 2, 2021
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Follow science, not selfishness or self-serving politicians

Dear Editor:

There is no doubt in the medical community that social distancing and mask wearing affects the spread of COVID-19. Statistics prove conclusively that regions with mandates in place suffer fewer cases. The misinformation being spread on social media is not based on reality. 

It is a mask, not a ball and chain. Those who defy science are endangering the entire community with their reckless behavior. The COVID pandemic in Flagler County is out of control. AdventHealth is at capacity, and the emergency room is full because there are no beds available elsewhere in the hospital. Yet one sees indoor public places like supermarkets not enforcing mask policies. That is selfish, ignorant behavior on the part of residents and places those who are most at risk in harm’s way.

It is time to defy self-serving politicians like Gov. Ron DeSantis and follow the science. Mask up!

Hank Mangels

Palm Coast


School Board has obligation to protect children

Dear Editor:

I’m of the opinion that masks should be required of the students and of all personnel in the school buildings and that there should be a requirement that the personnel in the school buildings be vaccinated.

The School Board has an obligation to see to it that the students get the best education possible. Also at the top of the School Board obligation is student safety. To me, in a pandemic situation, failure to take the necessary steps to protect the students from disease is akin to child endangerment. 

Ed Blitz

Palm Coast


School Board fails to see that freedom has limits

Dear Editor:

What the School Board policy of optional mask-wearing is really conveying is that certain anti-mask parents can dictate the health and safety of others.

It is the antithesis of a very basic, easy-to-understand, and seemingly irrefutable axiom that no freedom is absolute and the right and freedom to choose to do something stops when the exercise of that choice threatens the health or safety of others.

It’s just that simple, and why the School Board members can’t grasp it is concerning and puts into serious question their qualifications as educators.

Jill Bergen

Palm Coast


Get vaccinated and stop building houses

Dear Editor:

What is going on in Palm Coast? COVID is on the rise, and we’re having a building boom.

Maybe everyone should get vaccinated. To heck with your civil right not to get the virus. This is not about your rights. Stop thinking of just you.

And to the city and county governments, what do you want to do, destroy our ecosystem, lose our ground and trees? We don't need any more apartments or houses. It's all about getting more property taxes.

And no marina on A1A. We’ll vote all of you out of office.

Barbara Royere

Palm Coast


School Board opponents were vulgar and threatening

Dear Editor:

I am incredulous at the version of the recent School Board meeting one of your letter writers recently described. According to this writer, the crowd was not “hysterical." No, they weren't hysterical; they were loud, obnoxious, vulgar and threatening.

It was a debacle, and the board's attorney called the police for the sake of everybody's safety. The writer must have missed the name calling to those wearing masks. The video/audio of the meeting speaks for itself.

This reminds me of the comments of those who described the Jan. 6 attack on The Capitol as a peaceful visit by tourists.

Edith Campins

Palm Coast


How dare she belittle Black Lives Matter?

Dear Editor:

I never thought I'd see the day that I would come to the defense of a lawyer; Shakespeare said, “The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.” I wouldn't go quite that far, but ...

The News-Journal’s inquiries recently caused the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office’s lawyer to be fired; well, she actually resigned, but it was more than likely under duress because her boss thought it was the politically correct thing to do.

The N-J points out that the lawyer is "white" and she disparaged, showed disrespect for and belittled that paragon of virtue, the Black Lives Matter movement! This is her major sin; they dug up other things she said which is or was legal in a free speech society, but the law has changed; say what you want to about a “honky," but people of color are a protected class, so tread carefully, you white bigot, lest you lose your job.

Douglas R. Glover

Palm Coast


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