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  • | 3:10 a.m. December 2, 2021
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Waste Pro deserves credit for difficult job

Dear Editor:

I read about how terrible our trash service is from Waste Pro and how we need to go to a different vendor. I must be one of the few who have no or few complaints. When you consider the difficulty they have had in hiring employees during the last year or so due to the pandemic and the fact that it is a difficult job which has to be done in heat or cold or rain, it’s amazing they do as well as they do. 

Any time I have called their office to report a problem, they have responded in a reasonable amount of time and have been very courteous and helpful. As far as a rate increase, they don't appear to be out of line with other vendors.

Charles Dean

Palm Coast


Why not get the building right the first time?

Dear Editor:

For the love of me and the citizens of Palm Coast, I cannot figure out why the county cannot get this sheriff’s headquarters building right after all these years. They voted on Nov. 15 to move the project forward that was slated for five years out, to add an additional 6,000-square-foot prefabricated metal building at a cost of $1,271,100. The current project is $19 million for a 51,615-square-foot building, and they couldn’t figure out how to add another 2,000-square-foot office space and 4,000 square feet of storage space to the current project.

They have had numerous years to plan this building to fit their needs.

If we didn’t have the money before, where did the money come from? If it was extra money, why is that the money is not being used to take care of other problems, such as roads?

If anything, we need to add more people to oversee the planners to make sure this is done correctly. We all know, at least I do, that five years down the road that building will probably be torn down and they will build a permanent building, so why not do it the right way the first time instead of duplicating the problem?

Terry Webb

Palm Coast


Why spend so much at Waterfront Park?

Dear Editor:

I am astonished to hear that our City Council has found $1.1 million to invest in a new dock and boat launch at Waterfront Park, when we already have those amenities just a few miles from there at Herschel King Park. Also, they are spending $435,000 for trailer parking.

All of this expense, and yet they cannot find the funds to install a sidewalk on Cimarron Drive (one of the busiest subdivision roads in the city) after 98% of the homeowners petitioned for it. When will our commissioners listen to those who elected them?

Thank you

Judy Smith

Editor’s Note: According to a recent city press release, Waterfront Park’s enhancements “will be completed in two phases. In the first phase, dredging, site work, shoreline stabilization, dock installation, and a concrete pad installation will occur. This work is estimated to cost $1.2 million, split between the three-part Florida Inland Navigation District grant of $533,000 and city funds generated by impact fees at $462,000 and capital funds of $205,000. The second phase will expand parking and is estimated to cost $600,000, comprising $228,000 in grant funds and $258,000 from city park impact fees and $114,000 from capital funds. Construction of phase one is expected to begin this fall with completion in the summer of 2022.”


How do we know for sure that our water is safe?

Dear Editor:

I'm writing about my experience of and research on the water quality in Daytona Beach/Holly Hill. I was led to the website of EWG (Environmental Working Group) to find the data on water in this area. The most striking fact was that we had/have hexavalent chromium in our water, the same toxin Erin Brockovich discovered in PG&E's Hinkley water system's groundwater, which was responsible for many cancer deaths in that area in California.

I'm very concerned about water quality, and I want the data that clearly shows what's in our water system. 

Deborah Susswein

Holly Hill

Editor’s Note: We don’t write about the Holly Hill area, but in Palm Coast, the utility department follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations, which are “set where there are no known health effects with a margin of safety,” according to a city spokesperson.


Better communication needed on road project

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the Palm Coast Observer for providing information on what is really going on with the Citation Boulevard construction project and why it is taking so long to finish. Now, if only someone will explain why were provided with a sign that flashed misinformation for months.

The first message said it would be closed for 4-6 weeks; we all know it was months, not weeks. Next message that was flashed was it would be open a certain date; that came and went, and yet the sign continue to flash misinformation. The third gave another date when it would open, and that was flashed out to the public. That date came and went as well, and Citation was not open. 

I watched several times as cars turned down Citation thinking it was open, and why wouldn't they? A sign flashed that it was open. Yet again it wasn’t.

Why waste the energy it took to run the generator to flash the misinformation that often put the public in danger? Signs are still up that say the road is closed. When will you take them down on the road has been open for weeks?

Besides missing dates on finishing the project, someone needs to review the poor safety that took place throughout the project. Turning off Seminole Woods Boulevard onto Citation, you may almost hit a street sweeper in your lane cleaning the street with dust blowing to a point you almost can't see the sweeper. No flag man, nothing, just the operator on the sweeper waving you into the other lane without even knowing if a car is in that lane.

Missing the opening date is not the only problem that needs to be reviewed by both the city and Cline Construction. 

Ken Zecca

Palm Coast


Hard to imagine Flagler residents supporting Biden

Dear Editor:

The boondoggle, a.k.a. the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that Joe Biden, the Democratic party and 18 RINOs have saddled us with brings to mind something St. Anthony The Great once said: “A time is coming when people will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will mock him, saying, ‘You are mad, you are not like us.’” Well, Tony, that time is now.

We may have over three more years of this Biden madness. Flagler County's majority voted for Trump, but a lot of people voted for Biden; I still see vote for Biden bumper stickers, mostly on foreign cars, and I wonder if these people have lost contact with reality or they still hope that Joe will give them free stuff. It may cost you nothing, but people like me are paying for it, and it's starting to irritate us.

Douglas R. Glover

Palm Coast


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