Drunk driver pleads the fifth during police investigation

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  • | 4:10 p.m. November 24, 2020
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Nov. 11

Not your house

6:20 a.m. — 100 block of Banyan Drive

Disturbance. While out by his pool patio, an Ormond Beach resident heard someone open the fence door. A woman approached, and she appeared to be upset about him being home.

According to a police report, the woman, who was wearing pajamas, told the man the home didn't belong to him and his wife, even though the couple has lived there for a decade. The woman told him to leave the property, and mentioned that it belonged to another family. She also began pointing at other homes and saying the names of the families that supposedly lived in them. 

The man determined this woman was either under the influence of some narcotic or confused about her surroundings due to a mental illness. He told her to leave, and she made an "advancing motion toward him," causing him to be pushed backward in the pool, the police report states. He told police that he would not strike an older unarmed woman, and the woman eventually left on her own. She got in a vehicle and drove away. 

Police searched the area but were unable to find the woman. 

Nov. 13

Don't be suspicious

7:53 p.m. — First block of Mound Avenue

Suspicious incident. Truth or too suspicious to know for sure? An Ormond Beach police officer determined a woman's story about a friend of a friend stealing some of her belongings to be the latter. 

The woman, whom the officer noted in his report sounded slightly dazed, told him that she saw a friend of hers in a gas station earlier in the month and that they asked her to let a complete stranger stay with her for a few nights until he could admit himself to a rehab facility. The woman let him stay, and that very same day, while she napped, the woman said he took her phone, charger, two prescription medication bottles and $13 from her purse. She told police she hadn't seem the man since.

The officer asked her why she took so long to report the incident, and the woman said she though the man would return with her items. She said she wanted the police report so that she could go get more of her medicine. 

The officer labeled it a suspicious incident and gave her a case number. 

Nov. 14


4:37 p.m. — 100 block of Deer Lake Circle

DUI. A 23-year-old drunk man yelled "peanut butter six-hundred" while trying to open his phone, before belching and making a "fart" noise, according to a police report. Police had made contact with the man after finding him asleep at the wheel of his running vehicle.

Once woken up, police report the man stepped on the accelerator, causing the engine to rev. He was asked to turn off the vehicle and the driver-side door was opened to ensure his wellbeing. It was then police noticed the "overwhelming scent of consumed alcohol." The man uttered odd remarks when police asked him questions and that, coupled with his inability to stand without swaying and the smell of alcohol, resulted in him being placed under arrest and transported to the hospital to be medically cleared.

Later, he was transported to the police station for processing, where he failed several field sobriety exercises. He answered some police questions but later "plead the fifth." He was taken to jail.


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