2 candidates, 1 resident call on Palm Coast mayor to resign

Dissatisfaction over Milissa Holland's handling of private business.

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  • | 4:17 p.m. July 7, 2020
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Time for Mayor Milissa Holland to step aside

Dear Editor:

I have written many letters published in this paper and another local paper pointing out things that were wrong with city government, and one example was the utterly stupid Whiteview project. Thankfully, that project is scrapped.

What is currently happening is there are three separate investigations on our current mayor. I realized that these are only investigations and at this point no proof has come forward except proof that there was a violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

It may seem self-serving since I am a candidate for mayor, but I am asking for her withdrawal so that even if she were to win and the charges were filed in any of these investigations, she would be so busy on her full-time job at Coastal Cloud and defending herself in any charges that were filed to competently discharge the obligation of mayor of Palm Coast.

It is just the right thing to do, and it is time the Mayor did the right thing.

John Brady

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: Brady is a candidate for Palm Coast mayor.


Missteps by city date back to March council meeting

Dear Editor:

First, Mayor Milissa Holland attempts to counter her guilt by holding court at the March 3 City Council meeting for about an hour, ranting and denigrating a former seven-year communication manager for the city, Cindi Lane, who is extremely well credentialed. 

The mayor’s employer, Tim Hale, of Coastal Cloud, was then given the time to address the council to support the mayor’s contentions, and he railed a tirade of unkind words against Cindi Lane. All of the aforementioned, were it not for Michael Schottey, a mayoral candidate and former communication manager, was well on the way to being scrubbed. 

It would not have reached a crescendo had he not disclosed what he had experienced in the short time that he had been a city employee. He had been privy to machinations that made him uncomfortable, and following his departure, unleashed a torrent of information about a troublesome work environment with FBI investigations, the withholding of crucial email communications plus the in-house Attorney Bill Reischmann making decisions to benefit the mayor. 

The political group Flagler County and Palm Coast Better Government Leadership has come to the defense of Mayor Holland with discriminatory comments posted against Cindi Lane and other long-term employees.

I am dismayed that the councilmen haven’t risen to the occasion. They accepted the cursory minimal investigation by the press and let it go at that. Unfortunately, investigations by the press fell short of finding the truth until it was brought to light by the former insider, Michael Schottey, who managed to stir the cauldron of deceit.

Now other employees are afraid the guillotine will sever their relationship with the city. I sense a different Matthew Morton than the seemingly willing new addition to our city’s top management post when we met so many months ago. By hiring an independent attorney to investigate, he has scurried forth to find those who might be able to erase the past and create a pristine picture of a city falling into an abyss of deceit. 

Phyllis Robbins Scheffler

Palm Coast


Holland needs to resign as mayor

Dear Editor:

The time has come for Mayor Milissa Holland’s commingling of her professional business with her responsibilities as an elected representative of the people to come to an end.

Today I am calling on Milissa Holland to withdraw her bid for re-election and resign her position as mayor of Palm Coast immediately.

The latest ploy by City Manager Matt Morton to hire an outside investigator at taxpayers’ expense to investigate the city’s own internal investigation would almost be comical if it wasn’t true.  But it is true, and it is clearly a shameful attempt to protect the mayor and cover up her scandalous conduct. 

While the FBI and the criminal justice system will be the final judge as to whether Mayor Holland committed punishable crimes or not, there can be no doubt her behavior is unethical and immoral.

Ms. Holland appears to have attempted to financially enrich herself through the direct use of her public office has now been exposed, and her brazen claim to have merely made “an honest mistake” is an insult to the intelligence of the residents of our fine city. 

Despite what Mayor Holland would like us all to foolishly believe, there is simply no possible way she did not know she was illegally using her city email to solicited business for the private company she is currently employed by.

Actions have consequences, and the time has come for Mayor Holland to face those consequences directly and do the right thing for the citizens of Palm Coast by resigning as Mayor.

Alan Lowe

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: Lowe is a candidate for Palm Coast mayor.


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