Letter: Ormond Central has been clear-cut. Time for reflection?

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  • | 3:00 p.m. January 23, 2023
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Development decisions have consequences

Dear Editor:

With Ormond Central, once again, we have witnessed the clear-cutting of our greenbelt on West Granada Boulevard, on the city's gateway, for developments that resemble Anytown, USA.

This is a good time to reflect upon the decisions made by recent commissions – such as rezonings (from office-professional to retail-commercial), special exceptions for gas stations and other automotive services, and Planned Business Development allowances which, in essence, provide loopholes for otherwise-required tree-buffers and clears the way for wholesale clear-cutting.  

What was beautiful forestland is now a moonscape with a convenience store/gas station, car wash and storage units. These developments directly contradict a 140-year citizen mandate to protect our environment and green space from over-development.

Just looking across the street at the northern counterpart and adjacent development (The Reflections, down the road) tells the story of a lowering-of-standards. Decisions have consequences, and these have ended in very unimpressive results, to say the least. Most honest people will tell you these developments were detrimental to Ormond's character.  Here’s hoping the new commission that was recently sworn in makes more responsible decisions.

Ken and Julie Sipes

Ormond Beach

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