COPS CORNER: Going for a ride

Also in Cops Corner: The tell-tale hat

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June 17

Going for a ride

2:28 a.m. 600 block of South Church Street

Possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine. A deputy saw a suspicious car parked along the right of way, and approached it. There was frantic movement in the back seat from the three people inside as the deputy approached. 

When the deputy walked up to the car's window, one of the passengers was coated in loose marijuana, and there was a half-full beer in the driver's side door panel cup holder and a baggy of cocaine in the center console.

Deputies arrested two of the three occupants on drug charges.


June 20

The tell-tale hat

6 p.m. 9400 block of State Road 11

Burglary, petit theft. The owner of a convenience store noticed when securing the shop that an exterior door to a storage room had been forced open.

The next day, he realized that several cases of beer were missing. An area of grass near the shop was matted down as if someone had slept there, and there were beer cans and cigars strewn around, along with a baseball hat.

When deputies checked surveillance footage, it showed a man wearing the same hat stealing booze from the store the previous day.

Deputies recognized the man.

He told them that he'd been drunk for several days and had blacked out at the time of the burglary. When a deputy held up the hat, the man admitted it was his. 

Deputies arrested him.


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