COPS CORNER: A 'tipsy' suspect's improbable tale

Also in Cops Corner: Man denies knowledge of block of fentanyl in his car.

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June 23

A 'tipsy' suspect's improbable tale 

5:40 p.m. First block of Palm Harbor Village Way

Petit theft, burglary from a vehicle. An employee at a hair salon noticed a man pulling on car doors in the parking lot, and called the Sheriff's Office.

A deputy arrived and found the man, a 43-year-old who repeatedly changed his story about what he'd been doing there. 

At one point, the man said he'd been at a nearby bar and wasn't sure if his friends had already left, so, not knowing which cars were theirs, he'd walked outside and started checking the doors. 

The deputy asked for the names of the man's friends. The man said he didn't know because he was "a little tipsy," but added that his friends were still in the bar.

The deputy went inside and found only five people there. They said they were not the man's friends, and that he'd tried talking to them, but they'd found him "weird."

Meanwhile, a woman whose SUV the man had entered reported that her wallet was missing. 

Deputes found the woman's credit cards in the man's pocket and her wallet in the trash in the bar's men's bathroom. They arrested the man.


June 29

Man denies knowledge of block of fentanyl in his car

8:40 p.m. Whirlaway Drive at Whippoorwill Drive

Trafficking fentanyl, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without a license. A deputy noticed a car roll through a stop sign while leaving a gas station. The deputy conducted a traffic stop. 

The driver seemed nervous and smelled of marijuana. 

The deputy asked the man if there was anything illegal in the car, and the man said there was marijuana and a scale. He said he uses it to weigh marijuana when he buys it so that he doesn't get ripped off. 

Deputies searched the car and found a large block of fentanyl. The driver said he didn't know what it was or how it had gotten there. Deputies arrested him.


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