Flagler County sheriff should ditch the Green Roof Inn shtick

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  • | 8:50 a.m. March 21, 2019
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Dear Editor:

We have a cowboy sheriff and a dysfunctional sheriff's office here in Flagler County. Sheriff Rick Staly thinks he's Volusia's Mike Chitwood and Arizona's Joe Arpaio rolled into one would-be media star.

He preens and struts about while the jail population has doubled under his administration and prisoners die. He shows utter disdain for the citizens who fall into his grasp with his childish "Green Roof Inn" sign. Is his visible contempt rubbing off on deputies and support staff? Is his cavalier attitude a contributing factor to the recent deaths of his "guests"?

Neither Sheriff Staly nor his deputies or staff are judges or juries. The sheriff should set a proper example to all by promoting the humane treatment of those unfortunate enough to fall under his jurisdiction. And get rid of the Green Roof Inn sign, Sheriff. Leave the comedy routine to the late night professionals. Remember, the respect and care you show just might convince someone to change their ways.

Mike Cocchiola

Palm Coast


Trump supporters in Palm Coast miss the point

Dear Editor:

A handful of trump followers were demonstrating at the corners of Old Kings and Palm Coast Parkway recently. One woman had a sign that said, "Promises Made Promises Kept.” So thinking I had probably missed some recent developments I stopped and asked her. Did Mexico pay for the wall? Did I miss the Trump health care plan? Did I miss the infrastructure plan? Has coal come back? Is there a new travel ban that covers the countries that actually sent us terrorists? Did I miss the middle class tax cut on Nov. 1? Has he eliminated the national debt and balanced the budget? Did the voter fraud commission find voter fraud? Did he lower prescription drug prices? Did I misunderstand the part about being too busy to play golf? Did I misinterpret his promise to drain the swamp (what with all those indictments and convictions, it's confusing)?

By now seeing her blank look I paused to take a breath and she started repeating, over and over, “God Bless you,” which was nice but rather missed the point of my questions.

Edith Campins

Palm Coast


Spiritual leaders need to get more involved

Dear Editor:

In the 1960s, spiritual leaders of all faiths marched with Dr. Martin Luther King to help eliminate Jim Crow laws. We rejoiced and thought we would live harmoniously together. Today, from the highest office to school yards, anything goes: bullying, molestation, drugs, and everybody has a gun — to name a few problems.

Everybody needs help. Parents are trying to raise children in a very unsafe society. Teachers with students who come with so many problems. Children overwhelmed with social media and all the above. Many agencies and organizations are trying to deal with these problems on limited funds and volunteers.

Believers are taught that when one of us hurts, we all hurt. We are taught that serving God does not stop when we leave our houses of worship. God is always with us who seek peace and demonstrate love.

Changes will come when we all work together. Perhaps a coalition of different faiths and race to discuss issues and encourage participation with community groups.

Prayer and hard work can bring on some changes.

Sometimes we become so absorbed with the destination that we forget the hard work to get there.

We are all God’s children. God bless America!

Jeanette Wheeler

Palm Coast


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