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Writer agrees with Heather Post.

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  • | 1:15 p.m. June 4, 2019
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Dear Editor:

The past few months have been very entertaining in the political arena. The May 30 edition of the Ormond Beach Observer supplied some fodder for response from yours truly.

First, and foremost, the article from Heather Post was spot on regarding the state of the county and, also, the state of the city, Ormond Beach. We do need leadership that is resident sensitive, not self-serving. Heather, whether you opt for the County Council chair, or to be the mayor of Ormond, you have a lot of fans throughout Volusia. We need someone with your mindset.

Secondly, regarding the 'sales tax failure,' it would be best solved by those (the majority) on the County Council, and the OB City Commission stepping down at any time (preferably soon) so that the concerned citizens can regroup, put this item back up for vote and move forward by putting their trust with the use of these funds in the hands of new leadership (preferably, 1. not "seasoned" politicians; and 2. definitely no ties to developers). At the County level, those involved, coincidentally, happened to be opposed to the Amendment 10 results from last November's election process.  Seems to be a trend here.

Thank you, Alan Hovey, for an accurate view of, yet, another sham by the County politicians. This unnecessary, untimely and costly special ballot shall be their legacy. (And I was not far off from my estimate [my 16% vs. actual of 15.18%] as stated in my OBO editorial letter of April 24). The failure by the City Commission to extend their dynasty does not even warrant comment.

Fourth, will someone finally bury that ridiculous, worthless OB Life topic. Anyone applauding same is not in the same galaxy as those who have sensed the reality of what is. How can anyone honestly believe that a minuscule number of attendees at those functions (including folks from outside the city limits) can be representative of the populous of this fair city. The voluminous book with alleged statistics outlining city residents needs and desires is, indeed, yet another example of taxpayer money waste.  There can be nothing strategic about a simple statement, "smart growth," which was preached by the commission's opposition during last fall's election period. Only then, did the commission decide to get on the "smart growth" bandwagon.  I would like to see that "book" placed at our library for all to read.

And finally, but not least, the Memorial Day articles should be a must read for all. Then, D-Day was remembered on Thursday, June 6, which, in 1944, was significant to the history of this country.  Coming up we have Flag Day on June 14.  Fly it proudly. Then fast forward to July 4, Independence Day, another national holiday.  Be grateful for the sacrifices of our men and women in the service.  So many have given so much so we can enjoy.  Never forget!

Ed Kolaska

Ormond Beach


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