Reader: Mayor, we don't want 'ghetto' Section 8 housing in Palm Coast

Last week, Milissa Holland said, 'These are hard-working people.' Plus, two other letters to the editor.

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  • | 11:50 a.m. September 13, 2018
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Dear Editor:

It seems that Mayor Milissa Holland and her rubber-stamp City Council are hell-bent on flooding the city with low-income, Section 8 housing while ignoring the detrimental impact that this will have on all Palm Coast residents.

She touts the "temporary jobs" that construction will bring, jobs that will fall away like the seasons, never to return, but that will, in their wake, leave the permanent fixture of ghetto housing, or, as the mayor describes these units "workforce housing.”

It does not matter what you call such housing or sugarcoat them: Ghetto is ghetto!

She describes low-income, Section 8 recipients as good, decent people the same way our president refers to Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and race haters as "very fine people," and it makes you wonder who do we have locked up in prisons that number 2 million nationwide?

Meeting after meeting, she dismisses residents’ concerns as "misunderstandings" and "misconceptions," when in reality it is her misunderstanding and misconception of what she is bringing into Palm Coast.

Not one person in any of the impacted communities has come out in favor of these housing developments, and I have one question for the mayor: Who do you represent?

We have many residents who have come from cities that have built such housing; why don't you ask them about their experiences and how they were impacted? People have come to Palm Coast to get away from such urban blight, not to have it built in their own backyard.

Concerns about crime, quality of life, dropping property values, and, further down the road, urban blight and impacted schools, are the concerns of your constituents. These are the good, decent people of Palm Coast, the ones you have sold out to assurances from developers who don't live here, will not live in the impacted communities, and I guarantee you don't live anywhere near where they build their ghetto housing communities.

To the good and concerned people of Palm Coast, remember at the ballot box, if you have "workforce housing” approved for your community, and it gets the approval of your elected representatives, then like they say up North, "Vote da bums out!"

Jose Vasquez

Palm Coast


Stormwater needs to be city’s top priority

Dear Editor:

I’ve been a Palm Coast resident for 16 years. Can you appreciate my outrage upon reading your publication of the 11 priorities by the city? Not one of them addressed the stormwater drainage problem.

In fact, almost all of them were euphemistic “buzz words.” I’ve never seen so many buzz words repeated in one rendition. “Evaluate” was the most overused, but I particularly liked “new vision” as a completely meaningless usage.

In any case, if Palm Coast should be hit by a “wet” hurricane, and nothing has been done about the stormwater issue, the city will have to “evaluate” its “new vision” under water, with the rest of us.

Shirley Carter

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: The 11 priorities covered in the Aug. 28 City Council workshop were identified as new priorities, not to replace stormwater or other priorities. Another workshop about stormwater is scheduled for Sept. 11, as well as a resolution for consideration at the Sept. 18 business meeting.

“Stormwater drainage is a top priority of the city,” city spokeswoman Cindi Lane wrote in a email to the Palm Coast Observer, “and we have many strategies for working on it – from big (like weir replacements and bridge rehabs) to small (like swale maintenance) and everywhere in between. … Our floodplain management process has one of the best ratings in Florida. The floodplain management report, which is done annually as part of that process, is coming out this week.”


Serious issue: Stop littering in Palm Coast

Dear Editor:

We have a serious issue in beautiful Palm Coast. My wife and I have been living here for the past 16 years. We recently downsized to a smaller house in the W-section. In the past few months, the amount of trash and litter in the streets around our house is incredible.

At least twice a week, I have been picking up beer and soda cans, fast food bags and cups, empty cigarette packs and butts, as well as assorted papers and trash. Please address this issue in the Palm Coast Observer, and explain that it is unsightly, decreases property values, and this is not what Palm Coast is all about. Maybe if you post “Do not litter in Palm Coast” in the Observer for several weeks, some people may get the message.

Maurice Plumez

Palm Coast



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