One-woman show presents the good and bad girls of the Bible

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  • | 4:00 a.m. October 11, 2012
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When Linda Gray Kelley moved to Palm Coast last winter, she didn’t travel lightly. Aside from the usual household goods, she had to bring 60 of her most intimate friends: the characters she plays in her one-woman shows.

One of those characters, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first American woman doctor, performed Oct. 6, at the Flagler County Public Library to an enthusiastic full house.

Now, she will bring 13 Bible characters to life at Santa Maria Del Mar’s upcoming performance, which is free and open to people of all faiths 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25.

These are the stories of the well-known Bible men, but told through the eyes of their women. It's told in contemporary voice which aims to make it accessible for all.

“We can learn from the bad girls as easily as from the good, so why not tell these colorful stories?” Kelley said, about the 27 characters she does altogether. “One church wanted only the ‘bad’ girls. But, let’s face it, even the ‘good’ girls are flawed, which means there is hope for us all.”

Kelley loves working with people of all traditions and is pleased that audiences and their leaders find her material to be accurately represented.

“I was a theology student and wanted to provide a piece that encompassed the Pentateuch – the first five books of the Bible, which is what Christians and Jews can sign off on,” she said. “It is a joy to meet people of strong faith regardless of their traditions. There is so much to share and celebrate, and this play brings it all together.”

Kelley prides herself on being a storyteller, too.

“As an actor/playwright, I can put my own spin on these stories that we have grown up treasuring, and I can deliver them to another generation in words and ways so that they will get it.”



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