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+ Recent criticisms of family unfair
Editor’s Note: This letter was written in response to a March 2 letter, which criticized a family that participated in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Dear Editor:
Ms. Byckovski is upset about Palm Coast becoming a “rip-off city.” She objects to Palm Coast giving away money to “strangers.”

This program is a federal program, in which the federal government gives money to states that have high foreclosure rates. Federal money. Not just Palm Coast, but Florida — statewide.

It doesn’t cost Florida or Palm Coast one thin dime.

And the money spent on the repair and rehab of these houses goes to local labor and the local economy.

With snide innuendos and false assumptions, the letter writer did a good job of character assassination and misled the readers about the program that is benefiting Palm Coast and not costing the city or the taxpayers.

James Wilson
Palm Coast



Editor’s Note: The following three letters were in response to a March 10 letter, which stated: “Palm Coast is using federal money for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, not yours.”

+ Program is not necessary
Dear Editor:
Neighborhood Stabilization Program is a fraud. It is just a fancy name for a government handout.

I pay federal income taxes and do not want my tax dollars to go to reimburse anyone to buy a home. I have news for those who dreamed up this crazy, wasteful program: The United States does not and should not guarantee home ownership for all.

I hope all Palm Coast taxpayers see the injustice of their taxpayer money being used for such a wasteful purpose. It is not even being used to help someone who needs housing, only to aid in uplifting a very few from renter to homeowner in the name of neighborhood beautification.

The country is broke. This is not a necessity. It is an example of the Obama administration’s overspending. Next thing you know we’ll being buying people cars, because they need to go to work. Where does it end? 

Lynn Tobin
Palm Coast

+ These kinds of actions led to bubble
Dear Editor:
The federal government’s money is our money. Before the federal government can give (anyone) any money, it must first take it (in the form of taxes) from those of us who earned it, or borrow it from China and go further into debt. It’s actions like this that caused the housing bubble in the first place.

Geor Lawson
Palm Coast

+ Neighborhood Stabilization unfair
Dear Editor:
There is no federal money. Federal money is our money. It is our tax dollars, just as Social Security is our money.

Anything they spend, we must pay back or our children must pay back. There is no escaping that. Even all that “extra” money they’re so busy printing is our money, and must be paid back.

That huge deficit this government is so busy running up without any accountability is our money — yours and mine.

And while you are so appreciative of that special program (Neighborhood Stabilization Program) that allowed you to buy your house, you live in a community of residents who cannot sell theirs because the government mismanaged our money so badly. Some would not see the fairness in that.

Clearly not enough people understand that, or they are not paying taxes.

Linda Hansen
Palm Coast


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