Why can't code enforcement catch more violations?

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  • | 5:00 a.m. October 26, 2023
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Question from Pat Barile: I would like to know when something is going to be done to hire more code enforcers. I have been asking this question for about four years now. There are so many obvious restrictions broken, and nothing's done about them. I attribute that to the fact that there’s not enough enforcers, and the ones that we have go out two days a month ... definitely not enough to see all of Palm Coast! 

Hello, Pat. Here’s some general information about our Code Enforcement Division:

Code consists of:

  • Code Enforcement
  • Animal Control
  • Urban Forestry
  • Business Tax License Divisions.

Code Staff:

  • Manager
  • Assistant Code Manager (not filled as of yet)
  • Code/Compliance Supervisor - 1 (Code and unlicensed contractors)
  • Lead Code Officer - 1
  • Code Officer - 7 (full-time and 1 part-time)
  • Animal Control Officers - 3
  • Urban Forestry - 3
  • Business Tax License - 2 (contractor issues, solicitation, and Business Tax licenses)

These employees do an exceptional job every day as our community continues to grow with so many new residents and properties to guide. That being said, the focus of our City Council has been to lower taxes for our residents while maintaining historical quality of life – residential service levels. We recently lowered our milage rate for this year’s budget, therefore limiting new funded positions. This illustrates once again the difficult balance your City Council faces, trying to keep taxes low and spending more money to meet more of our community needs. Thank you for your inquiry, and please keep in touch with additional concerns or comments.

Question from W.W. Johnson: We have lived here for five years, and the last year we have had a streetlight that does not work. We have watched it being worked on and lights replaced, and it still goes dark. The pole is right across from the Indian Trails school; it provides security lighting for the homes behind it and to the children who walk to school when the time changes and it's dark outside. Why can't they get it fixed? Thanks for listening.

I am truly grateful to citizens like you who are helping us keep our city safe. This is the highest priority for all of us. Regarding the malfunctioning streetlight, I contacted our city’s liaison with FPL to tell him about your concern. He told me that he will need more specific location details and he gave me permission to forward his personal cell phone number to you. Please feel free to contact our Executive Staff Assistant, Kendra Iannotti for this information. I hope this will help you. 

Question from Celia Pugliese: Is [the mayor] going to bring back the urgently needed two traffic calming islands in Florida Park Drive ASAP, for which over $163,000 was paid for engineering design and Lassiter traffic study done? ... Reason for the more urgent need of the two calming traffic islands is the incoming Wawa on Florida Park Drive that will increase the current 9,000 vehicles a day now to more 296 vehicles per hour to Wawa when now the current professional building bulldozed only had 76 vehicles per hour.

I’ve got some history on this project to share with you, Celia.  At the July 12, 2022, meeting, council heard a presentation on the Florida Park Median Project. Staff made a presentation based on feasibility studies submitted by a consultant. Topics included proposed median locations, road detours, approximate closure duration, project bid highlights (two times original estimate) and a council direction was requested. After a discussion on price increase, potential phases of the project, economic conditions and reallocating funds, council determined not to move the project forward at that time.

An analysis conducted by RMC Property Group determined that the WAWA opening will definitely increase traffic on Florida Park Drive. We remain absolutely sensitive to this concern. A plan may still be forwarded for the FY25 budget, so please remain vigilant with us, and know we all want the same thing for Palm Coast.



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