Letter: Resident questions need for new condos on the beachside

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  • | 6:00 p.m. March 20, 2023
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Editor's note: The following letter was originally sent to Mayor Bill Partington. It is being republished here at the request of the letter writer.

No more condos

Dear Mr. Partington,
I just read about the proposed condos on Granada. I moved here in 2019 for the beautiful home town feel of Ormond.
From the beautiful street lanterns and The Casements, to the palm trees and parks surrounding the best bridge in Volusia County. 
Why would you ruin it by planting a six story condo building on our main street?
Do you see that literally all the buildings are one to two stories, with the exception of the MacDonald House and Rose Villa? Which are three stories and cottage-style. A six-story building crammed into that tiny lot will change the entire aesthetics of this beautiful beach town. We do not need 24 units, roughly 50 people to save our shops. 
I ride my bike into town daily. I shop, go to sunrise service and go to the beach, all on my bike. 
The reason the builder says it is such a challenge is because a six-story building on .75 acres is ridiculous. 
The new condos on Halifax are bad enough and do not fit in with the surrounding houses. 
May I suggest another restaurant with outdoor seating? Something beautiful and unique with partial ocean view and parking in the back? Maybe something we can brag about? 
Please tell me when the next meeting is and how I can stop this. 
I appreciate your time and consideration.
Pamela Gatfield 
Ormond Beach

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