Letter: School Board failed to show support during Pride Month

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  • | 2:00 p.m. July 17, 2023
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School Board’s unexcused absence during Pride Month

Dear Editor:

The Volusia County School Board's failure to recognize LGBTQIA+ Pride Month 2023 implies a lack of support for students and families in the public school system. It is essential that our public schools create an inclusive environment for all students who invest their time in education and personal growth within these institutions, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Every student deserves equal treatment, recognition and support.

Nevertheless, anti-student-inclusion extremists have imposed their own political, cultural and belief systems on the VCSB system by submitting numerous meritless book challenges. As a result, a vast majority of books that are censored are authored by LGBTQIA+ and people of color.

Extremists have previously influenced VCSB decisions on LGBTQIA+ inclusion. In March 2021, they asked the School Board not to approve a resolution for LGBTQ+ Health Awareness Week on March 23-26. The motion died without a second; the majority of the School Board failed to acknowledge that LGBTQIA+ are placed at higher risk of harm because of how they are mistreated and stigmatized in society. This event signaled the ongoing tendency of LGBTQIA+ individuals to be absent from public recognition.

VCSB should openly support LGBTQIA+ diversity throughout the year to make all students feel safe and valued beyond the School Board's website. Acknowledge them. Recognize their Pride Month.

Sheila Zinkerman

Ormond Beach

Editor's note: Sheila Zinkerman is the co-founder of Citizens for Truth and Justice in Education.


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