CRIME REPORT: Registered sex offender charged with felony parole violation

Also on Crime Report: Woman recorded while using the restroom at a grocery store

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Nov. 19

Registered sex offender charged with felony parole violation

A registered sex offender was arrested at 11:30 p.m. on Nov. 19 after allegedly kissing an underage girl, violating his parole for a second time.

The man, living in and arrested from a camper on a property in the 1800 block of Beech Boulevard in Bunnell, was already on probation for failing to register, the arrest report said. A woman called police on the man when a third party told her that he had kissed her daughter, a minor, on the lips.

The daughter confirmed the man had kissed her on the lips, cheek and forehead, the report said. The girl told deputies that she was alone in the camper with the man, showing him her Pokémon cards, when he shut the camper door and kissed her on the lips, telling her “I love you,” the report said.

The girl said she then heard a friend call her name from outside the camper, so she left, the report said. The girl told her friend about the incident, and the adults at the property’s main residence were made of aware of it and told the girl’s mother. The mother decided to press charges against the man.

When confronted by police, the report said the man denied having kissed the girl on the lips but admitted he kissed her goodbye on the cheek and forehead and had several times before.

The man is currently at the Flagler County Inmate Facility without bond, facing a misdemeanor battery charge and a felony violation of parole charge.


Nov. 18

Woman recorded while using the restroom at a grocery store

A woman called police about a man videotaping her in a public restroom; the incident occurred just after 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 18.

The women was shopping at a Publix on North Ocean Shore Boulevard when she needed to use the restroom, the incident report said. While doing so, she told deputies she noticed the shoes in the occupied stall next to her were very large and facing the toilet.

She told Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies that she began to feel uncomfortable and was getting ready to leave the stall when the report said she noticed the person in that occupied stall holding a cellphone over the stall wall, pointing towards her.

The woman yelled at the person to stop; they removed the phone, and the woman said she left the restroom, the report said. The suspect, a white male, left the restroom after her and began to run toward the exit. The woman called 911 and attempted to follow him.

A manager at the store saw the suspect run toward the exit, and then followed the woman outside. The two were able to give detailed descriptions of the man to FCSO deputies.

The man has since been identified, according to a post on FCSO’s Facebook page.


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