MY VIEW: School Board campaign mailer was deceitful

School Board candidate Courtney VandeBunte writes that a recent mailer misrepresented her positions.

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  • | 8:00 a.m. November 3, 2022
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by: Courtney VandeBunte, candidate for Flagler County School Board (District 2)

Dear Flagler Voters:

Some of you may have received a mailer about my campaign over this past week. While all of the mailers sent out on behalf of my opponent, Will Furry, are grossly misleading, one is particularly deceitful. 

The one I am referring to features a picture of me, used without my permission, along with a big “Thank You, Courtney VandeBunte.” This implies that whoever is responsible for sending this mailer is a supporter of mine, but that could not be further from the truth. 

The mailer goes on to suggest that I am against parents, pro-CRT and pro-sexualization of our youth, which, again, could not be further from the truth.

The truth is, this mailer was paid for by a political action committee (PAC) called “Flagler Forever,” which is linked to the address: 1103 Hays St., Tallahassee. This address appears not only on Will Furry’s contributions, but also with several conservative PACs. So why would a conservative PAC, which has given money to Will Furry, be thanking me, an “anti-parent, dangerous liberal”? 

The answer is deceit. Will Furry is unqualified. He is lacking in education, experience, and etiquette. The only chance he has at winning an election, for which he is clearly unqualified in stark contrast to my bachelor’s degree in education and 10 years of various education experience, is through deceiving the voters of Flagler County.

I did not send, or approve of, that mailer. I would never have approved of anything that says I am anti-parent.

I support the rights of all parents and families and invite their involvement in their child’s education.

I’ve seen firsthand, as a teacher and as a parent myself, how imperative parental support is for student success. I want MORE choices for parents, not fewer.

As for CRT and the instruction of inappropriate topics, such as sex, I’ve NEVER condoned that, either as a Flagler Schools teacher or as a parent of three Flagler Schools students. I have always advocated for the teaching of the Florida Sunshine State Standards, and now the BEST Standards, approved by our governor. 

For any topics that may be sensitive, such as puberty or the reproductive system, I encourage all parents and families to participate in the district viewing sessions for what specifically is taught, so they can then CHOOSE whether or not to opt their child out of certain curricula. 

The future for our students is on the ballot, right now. If we elect Will Furry, we are signing on for four years of inexperience, lies, misinformation, and, most importantly, decisions that do not reflect the needs of ALL students and families.

If the citizens of Flagler County choose to elect me, they will get a School Board member with meaningful experience in education who is humble, honest, and who will support all students and families. 


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