Rymfire Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Michelle Seth

Seth helped bring an All County Chorus program to Flagler County and has started extracurricular groups including a chorus, steel drum band, bucket drumming, ribbon dancing, and faculty performances.

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By seventh grade, Rymfire Elementary School Teacher of the Year Michelle Seth knew what she wanted to be: a music teacher, just like the teachers who’d so inspired her.

"When I think back on my school days, I do not remember instructional strategies, grades, school scores, or how I did on my standardized test. ... I remembered that my teachers were excited to see me everyday and share with me their passion and knowledge."



“It is my sincerest wish that my love of students and my passion for music is what inspires my students, as well,” she wrote in her Teacher of the Year statement. Seth has taught music at Rymfire Elementary School for nine years.

Some teachers only have students for one year before they move on to other teachers. But Seth sometimes has them for seven years — teaching them music basics when they enter her class in kindergarten, then developing their skills until they leave her at the end of sixth grade.

She also leads two levels of chorus and steel band, plus bucket drumming and ribbon dancing.

Seth brought an All County Chorus program to Flagler County, and chairs the All County District program.

Some of Seth’s former students are now symphony orchestra musicians, members of military bands, and fellow music educators. Some former students come back to perform in the annual spring concerts in alumni groups.

“It gives me great joy to share musical experiences with our school and community,” she wrote.


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