Ormond man tells 911 operator that police officers at his house were 'gangsters'

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Aug. 14


8:21 p.m. — First block of Old Macon Drive

Misuse of 911 system. A 62-year-old Ormond Beach man was arrested after he called 911 to inform dispatch that the police officers outside his home were "gangsters," according to his arrest report.

Officer responded to the man's home due to a noise complaint. Several complaints have been made at the same address, attributed to the man staying inside his home but repeatedly setting off his car alarm and making the car "beep" by locking it at sporadic times of the day and night, the report states. The reporting officer witnessed this happening on two occasions that same day.

After police arrived, the man continued to set off his car alarm, and officer could hear him beating on his own windows and front doors in response to the officers' knocking. Police decided to tow the man's vehicle, and informed him this would occur, and that is when he came out of his home and called 911. 

When the tow truck arrived, the man tried to reach into the car saying, "I was attempting to go to the hospital for COVID," according to the report. He was arrested. One neighbor told police that the man has repeatedly used racial slurs against them and routinely set off his car alarm to annoy and harass them. Police noted complaints over the car alarm date back to January, and that the man was arrested on March 3 on the same charges. 

He was taken to jail.

Aug. 15

Cleaning up the streets

2:49 a.m. — Intersection of Arroyo Parkway and Orchard Avenue

Possession of methamphetamine. A 43-year-old Ormond Beach man on a battery-powered tricycle was stopped by police after the reporting officer noted the bike had no lights on the front or back. 

The man told police the battery on his tricycle was dead, which was why the lights weren't working. A second officer arrived on the scene after the reporting officer identified him  — the man didn't have an ID on him  — and police conducted a search of his bag. They found a used syringe, which tested positive for methamphetamine residue. 

The man said he found the syringe in the street and picked it up to clean it up, according to the police report. He also said he found three bags on the street, and police found out two had residues of methamphetamine; the third contained the drug. 

The man was taken to jail.

Aug. 19

No comment

12:16 a.m. — Intersection of Pine Road and South Halifax Drive

Resisting an officer without violence. A 39-year-old Ormond Beach man began quoting state statutes and told police he didn't answer questions when he was approached over a call regarding a verbal disturbance. 

While on the way to the residence at which the disturbance was occurring, police noticed the man's daughter walking on the sidewalk, with the man behind her. The reporting officer stopped to talk to her, and she told them a few of her friends stopped by the house to say hello. Meanwhile, she told police, her father's girlfriend went inside the house, and shortly afterward, her father came out of the house and yelled at her, his daughter. 

When police went to the speak with the man, he started recording them with his cell phone. He declined multiple times to identify himself. He was taken to jail.



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