COPS CORNER: Something's afoot

Also in Cops Corner: Woman downs stolen wine in store bathroom.

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Oct. 3

Something's afoot

7:47 p.m. — 1000 block of Integra Woods Boulevard

Introduction of contraband to inmate facility. A deputy responded to trespassing report about a man picking berries on someone else's property. When the deputy arrived, he found the man in a car, with a woman sitting beside him.

There were no berries visible, but sitting atop the woman's leg was a piece of tin foil with a tar-like substance that looked like heroin. There was also a bottle of liquor on the floorboard. As the deputy spoke to the two, the woman moved her leg so that the tin foil fell to the floor. The deputy asked the woman about the substance on the foil, and she said she didn't know what it was.

The deputy arrested her.

When she got to the county jail, the woman admitted that she might have more objects in her shoes. She did: more heroin. Deputies asked her if there was any more. She said no. When they searched her, they found a baggy of heroin in her sock.


Oct. 2

Pee-no grigio

7 p.m. — 200 block of Palm Coast Parkway Northeast

Shoplifting; trespassing after warning. A deputy and a supermarket manager were speaking inside the supermarket when they both noticed a woman who'd previously been trespassed from the store walk into the store's bathroom.

"In the past, [the woman] has been seen taking wine from the alcohol section and drinking it in the ladies room," the deputy wrote in a report.

The deputy found an empty small bottle of Cavit Pinot Grigio in the bathroom's trash can, and an unopened bottle of Woodbridge Pinot Grigio in the woman's purse.

The woman smelled of alcohol. The wine bottles were missing from the four-pack cases in the wine section. 

The deputy arrested the woman, but released her when the store's management decided not to prosecute the woman due to her advanced age.


Sept. 22

No way, "Jose"

11:40 a.m. — 5000 block of North Oceanshore Boulevard.

Grand theft. A man was standing at his kitchen window when he noticed someone grab his bicycle from its spot next to the shed and start to walk off with it.

The man yelled out the window, "Hey man, don't do it," but the bike thief hesitated, then kept walking. 

The victim called the Sheriff's Office, and a deputy found the thief at a gas station and recognized him from previous encounters, according to a deputy's report.

When arrested, the thief said he didn't understand his Miranda rights. He also didn't have ID on him, and tried to give the deputy a false name — "Jose" — before giving his real one.

When the deputy asked him to spell his name, the man "stated he did not speak English, with a Hispanic accent," the deputy wrote in the report. "It should be noted, [the man's] primary language is English and he has provided his information in the past easily and without error, and does not have an accent."

The deputy took him to the county jail. 

But the shenanigans weren't over: The man then "feigned a medical crisis requiring EMS response," and, when taken to the hospital, refused to leave a deputy's patrol car, saying it would take four men to remove him. They removed him. 

In the ER, he yelled, swore at staff, refused to speak to a doctor — and, he was about to be taken back to jail, "again feigned an injury and stated he needed psychiatric treatment," the deputy wrote in the report.

He was asked if he wanted to hurt himself or others. "[The man] screamed 'maybe,'" the deputy wrote. He was taken to the county jail with Baker Act paperwork.




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