Florida Rep. Paul Renner rescues dog from Interstate 95

Jackson has a new home and a new sister in Palm Coast.

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  • | 12:45 p.m. August 15, 2016
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The drive from Jacksonville, to his home in Palm Coast, is usually a routine trip for Rep. Paul Renner, but not on Friday, Aug. 5.

“I was southbound on 95 and saw this dog running down the side of the road,” Renner said. “I pulled my truck over and tried to get him to come to me. I didn’t want him running into traffic.”

But Jackson, as the Renner’s have named him, darted across the three lanes, changed his mind and started back. He froze as a semi rolled past, and made it safely back to the shoulder of the road where he disappeared into the underbrush.

Another car had pulled over and soon Jackson reappeared, this time allowing Renner close enough to get the dog into his truck.

“We had been thinking about getting another dog for our dog Mia,” Renner said. “He even looks like Mia.”

In an effort to reunite the dog with his owners, Renner called Amy Carotenuto, director of the Flagler Humane Society, to find out what he should do.

“He called right after he found the dog,” Carotenuto said. “I told him to bring the dog in and we would scan for a microchip.”

Carotenuto said the staff was thrilled when the scanner did detect a microchip, but the joy was short-lived as the registration was untraceable.  The microchip had either never been registered, or the registration had expired.

Jackson stayed at the shelter for five days, but no owner came forward to claim him. The Renner’s had decided if the owner couldn’t be found they would adopt him. Carotenuto said people who find dogs and cats are offered the option of adopting them after the stray period, and many do.

Before Jackson went home he was vaccinated, tested negative for heartworms, and given a new microchip registered to the Renners.

“They (FHS) were awesome to work with,” Renner said. “They walked us through the process, and they made all of the phone calls.”

Carotenuto said when an animal like Jackson is found out of county, the shelter calls shelters in the area where the animal was found.

The Renners also followed the shelter’s recommendations in methods of introducing Jackson to their other dog Mia.

“He did everything right,” Carotenuto said. “He got involved. How many would just drive by?”

Tips on Microchips

Have microchips scanned during the animals vet check up.

Keep information current.

Contact your local shelter if you change your address or phone number. Microchips trace back to the clinic or shelter that inserted them.



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