Roller Derby Blocker opening hair refinery in Ormond Beach

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  • | 4:45 p.m. September 20, 2014
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Ashly Rose is opening Dollface Hair Refinery Oct. 7. 

Ashly Rose does everything just a little bit different.

Her hair is currently light pink, she’s a blocker for the Sintral Florida Derby Demons and rather than open up a salon, she’s opening up a hair refinery.

Dollface Hair Refinery, a salon offering more than just your average hair cut, will open Oct. 7. on 50 E. Granada Blvd. Owner Rose has worked in the industry for most of her life and she was tired of a working a “just another salon.”

“I didn’t want to call it a salon,” Rose said. “For me, refinery is defined as sort of industrial, like everything can be improved. Even when your hair is a good, it can always be better.”

And though Rose will offer the typical salon services like hair cuts and dyes, the refinery will offer classes to teach clients how to get their salon-style hair at home. Classes will over topics like blowdrying, hair styles and even makeup application. Rose also said she will offer different membership levels for their blow-dry bar.

“I do it because I love the people,” Rose said. “I love education and teaching people about hair. Good and quality hair should be affordable. I did some intense research to get our product line and it’s not what everyone else is using. We’re nothing like what’s in Ormond Beach.”

Rose herself is nothing like what’s in Ormond Beach. With fluorescent pink hair and known by her derby nickname Dollface, Rose is no stranger to a little individuality.

“The name ‘Ashly’ is just a little popular,” Rose said. “I really love the new color trends and people being a little more liberal and brave with their hair. It’s a chance for me to be creative and get outside their box. I like to try to push people.”

Though her hair has ranged from all different colors of the rainbow, she is also no stranger to a bad haircut.

“I had a mushroom haircut when I was in second grade,” Rose laughed. “And in my senior year of high school it was really short. It was bad.”

She currently lives in Palm Coast but will be moving to Ormond Beach to get closer to the salon and because she thinks it’s a good place to raise her two boys Landen, 7 and Wesley, 4. Rose herself grew up around hair dressers and said she’s always known this is what she wanted to do.

“It’s different,” Rose said. “When you’re a hairdresser, it should be your life. Everything is hair.”


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