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+ Wake up, Palm Coast voters! It’s early voting time
Dear Editor:
In case nobody has noticed, there is a mayor’s primary election going on. Early voting started Monday, at the library.

I voted today and stopped to talk with several there passing out campaign literature.  About 5% of those headed inside were going in to vote — only about a dozen people in two hours.

The others were all going into the library. They couldn’t even be persuaded to go and vote while they were already there. Many said, “I don’t have an ID with me”  (yet they all drove up in cars). Many stated: “I’m not into elections. I don’t vote.”  One person asked for a sample ballot. There are just three candidates running for mayor.

I don’t know how many realize this is how you guarantee lifetime political careers. Most incumbent politicians know that low voter turnout puts the odds in favor of their being reelected. This is how you end up with politicians who no longer respect the voters.

If this is only a sample of what we are facing in 2012, this country is in very serious trouble.

For the first time in a long time, there are several new candidates running for office in Palm Coast. You have choices.

And you could care less. You can’t even be persuaded to vote when you are already at the polling place.

Linda Hansen
Palm Coast

+ Whoever defaced Moorman’s political sign should be prosecuted
Dear Editor:
I’m troubled by what happened last month, in Palm Coast. A political campaign sign, for the reelection of Holsey Moorman, at Belle Terre Parkway and State Road 100, was vandalized by some lowlife, by defacing his sign with paint.

This does not speak well of the individual responsible for this horrible act, and I denounce it. I would expect better of our citizens.

If found, the perpetrator of this crime should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I personally will offer a reward for information that will bring this individual or individuals to justice.

I look to the sheriff of Flagler County, Don Fleming, to do all in his power to apprehend these criminals.

Joe Cunnane
Palm Coast mayoral candidate

+ Flagler needs new vision: Let the private market rule
Dear Editor:
In the late 1980s, the vision of Flagler County that was projected around the country was of a peaceful, affordable paradise. The marketing points were low crime, beautiful beaches, well-maintained tennis courts and golf courses, historic sites, and quiet agricultural and tourist communities.

We said: “Wow, it’s just like The Villages without the fees. Let’s retire to Flagler County.”

For the last few years, our county leaders and so-called business organizations have been projecting a very different vision. They are promoting and building low-income housing. (Locally known as “income-adjusted” housing.)

They are projecting Flagler County as a county that thrives on the income we receive from food stamps, welfare and medical benefits (as though that is a wonderful thing).

They even brag about our Mobile Benefits bus service that can reach out to encourage more people to use Flagler County’s services. They entice more unemployed families to move to Flagler County, where an increasing number of “income-adjusted” housing units will be available.

While concentrating on the above vision, our leaders and business organizations have allowed many of our beautiful golf courses, tennis courts, etc., to deteriorate or close. If we were still working in New Jersey now, we definitely would not say, “Wow, it’s just like Newark without as much crime. Lets retire to Flagler County.”

Private investors (The Golf Group) are trying to restore Flagler County’s original vision. Let’s keep the county government and their business organizations out of the way, so they don’t hinder the private market from returning Flagler County to the type of community it used to be.

Jean Sbertoli
Flagler Beach

+ I-95 interchange at Matanzas would waste tax dollars
Dear Editor,
I know and you know that the money for the Matanzas Woods interchange at Interstate 95 is funded by the federal and state governments.

But we residents of Palm Coast pay taxes, and we pay into that, so it is our money, too. The mere fact that the fed and state are funding the project doesn’t mean that the expenditure is prudent. Monetary allocation funding should be changed so that these monies are put to better use.

We do not need the interchange. It’s wasteful, useless, irresponsible; $30 million is a lot of money. It can surely enhance Palm Coast if spent more responsibly.

Carl Marco
Palm Coast

+ Get rid of Internet cafes; they prey on the elderly
Dear Editor:
Internet cafés are just illegal gambling places — nothing else — where people are losing money.

The citizens of Palm Coast do not need this unregulated, nuisance-type business, which soon will attract more unwanted people, massage parlors and problems like crime, more drugs, burglaries, fights, robberies, prostitution, etc. It’s only a matter of time.

Furthermore, these businesses prey on the elderly, the working poor and the young. You are allowing a negative social impact for the city.

Dallas Prentice
Palm Coast


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