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+ City-sponsored Hard Rock Casino trips inappropriate
Dear Editor:
The city has now started to run bus trips to the Hard Rock Casino, in Tampa. I do not believe this is a proper function of local government. The local clubs and veterans groups use this activity as recreation for their members, and the public is welcome. The revenue that is generated is used to offset the rising costs of operating the clubs.

Competition from the city is not in the best interest of these groups or citizens of Palm Coast. Next the council will allow a city-owned Bingo Palace, with the excuse that they need it to raise money.

My advice is to help our community by cutting expenses. Stay out of private club business. You were not elected to run all aspects of our lives. Capitalism works, so let it.

Joe Cunnane
Palm Coast

+ Boccie players should wear sunblock, not demand a covering
Dear Editor:
I have read several articles referencing the boccie courts at Holland Park. There are many of these courts in the Midwest, from whence I hail. None of them is covered. Like baseball, golf, tennis and soccer, this is accepted as an outdoor sport.

I find it somewhat silly that people relocated in Florida for the sunshine, and then they complain that the sunshine is hazardous to their health. Hello! It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason.

It’s not the government’s responsibility to solve your problems. Put on some sun block.

I am amazed that the City Council treats this issue seriously, given the financial straits that we are in. I would like to see our leaders present cost-reduction measures and exercise fiscal conservatism, rather than look for new ways to waste the city treasury.

Bill McGuire
Palm Coast


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