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+ Teen candidate lacks experience to be mayor
Dear Editor:
If Mr. Ray Minami’s goal is to get an A in his political science class at college, he is off to a good start. I met this bright young man at the Chamber of Commerce building on State Road 100 recently and found him pleasant and easy to talk with. His enthusiasm and great community spirit will help him in the future at both school and in business.

However, he lacks the experience and life knowledge which will certainly hurt his chances of becoming the youngest mayor of Palm Coast. Without very good credentials, it is unrealistic to believe you can unseat an entrenched and politically savvy incumbent. I’m certain he will gain the necessary experience in the future, but he is presently unqualified.

His entry into the race has caused plenty of small talk about the upcoming election, which will bring more attention to the city’s many problems. It will also encourage some of the younger residents to come out for the primary Sept. 13 and vote. I agree with Ray that a new City Hall at the Town Center is not necessary at this time. My letter to the editor in the Palm Coast Observer stated this fact last year.

I will also run a fair and balanced campaign. I hope Ray finds his run for the office of mayor both rewarding and an experience he will remember forever. Good luck, Ray, and God bless.

Joe Cunnane
Palm Coast
Cunnane is running for Palm Coast mayor.

+ Palm Coast should buy City Marketplace
Dear Editor:
With City Marketplace falling into foreclosure, did any of our city officials look into buying it? This would have saved the city a mint on their planned new City Hall. They could expand at will, make money through the rents and not have to move the city offices to a new location. This looks like a win-win for the city.

Scott Lamont
Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: Here is a statement from the owner of City Marketplace, Bhagwan Asnani:

“Currently, City Marketplace is not in a foreclosure. It is in a ‘reorganization stage under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code,’ where the creditors and the debtor try to work out a plan.”

The city has said buying and renovating City Marketplace would not be cost effective because of the extensive remodeling. However, more cost analyses are forthcoming.



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