Letter: Ormond boy says fuel farm will negatively impact the community

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  • | 12:00 p.m. May 14, 2024
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Fuel farm is a 'horrible idea'

Dear Editor:

I am writing because I do not think the Belvedere Fuel Terminals are a good idea.

My name is William and I am 12 years old and live in the Tomoka Oaks community.

I strongly believe that the fuel farm is a horrible idea because it impacts many things including traffic safety, the environment, and the children in the community.

On top of all the traffic that goes in and out of Hull Road, it will become a challenge to get in and out. The amount of traffic going out and in at all hours, every single day, causes continuous challenges for other motorists. Because of this, accidents are more likely to occur. When these trucks go in and out, it contributes to traffic, noise, and air pollution. When Bike Week occurs, there is an inconvenience of the traffic, but it is a temporary thing. The additional income helps our town and small businesses grow and thrive. 

With the fuel farm, it will become just like that, but forever. Not to mention, the giant storage containers that hold the gasoline could end up causing catastrophic land and water pollution to the area. They are in the radius of the Tomoka River, the airport, Bear Creek, Ormond Lakes, and the Sports Complex, to name just a few.

Finally, lots of kids play sports at the complex, including me. With all the traffic and possible pollution, it won't be safe for kids like me to play the sports that we love. 

I am just one kid, so my voice may never be heard. You are a mass communication outlet that is heard by many. All I am asking is that you use your voice to help keep us informed about the Belvedere Fuel Farm and at the end of this we will have a safer, cleaner, and happier community.

William Price

Ormond Beach


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