Candidate: Public funds shouldn't promote mayor's town hall events

Cornelia Manfre says public funds, facilities shouldn't be used to promote mayor's appearances. Mayor David Alfin responds he will direct staff not to use city resources to promote his appearances.

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  • | 4:36 p.m. June 27, 2024
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Candidate promotion should stop

Running for public office requires communication to the citizens of one’s ideas, background and capability to administer the position. In today’s environment, we communicate not only with newspapers and radio but social media. Facebook Instagram, X and YouTube are the sources used by the City of Palm Coast to announce events, meetings and City road closures.

Over the past two weeks there have been numerous invitations to meet the mayor: 1. on Saturday mornings at the City Hall dubbed “Share with the Mayor”; 2. meet at the Southern Rec Center for a town hall with the mayor and then; 3. the City providing a new weekly newsletter upon subscribing. This is all being promoted within eight weeks of a primary for the position of mayor of Palm Coast.

This appears as public funds and facilities being used to promote the re-election of the mayor. I have asked (June 25) at the City Council workshop that this use of taxpayer staff and taxpayer facilities for the promotion of the candidate stop.

I appreciated Councilman Ed Danko requesting all additional forums be on hold except for the City Council meetings until after the elections.

Cornelius Downing Manfre

Palm Coast

Editor's Note: Cornelia Manfre is running for mayor. Mayor David Alfin said in a phone interview June 26: "The tightrope between incumbency and campaigning is delicate at best." In order to "always lean toward the side of ethical responsibility," he said he will direct city staff not to use city resources through the election season to promote his personal appearances or town hall meetings. Still, he said, he was elected for four years and will fulfill his duties for the full tern, not withdraw just because of the campaign. See the Observer's coverage. 


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