Woman shatters car window with water bottle after driver allegedly cut her off in a drive-thru line

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Feb. 6

Parking problem

12:18 p.m. — 200 block of North Nova Road, Ormond Beach

Weapons complaint. Police responded to a local shopping plaza after receiving a call about a person armed with a gun, an altercation that began over a parking spot.

According to the police incident report, a 46-year-old man told police that he was parking in one of two available spots on the westside of the lot near the grocery store when a driver pulled up and parked his vehicle, blocking both spaces. The man initially told police the driver, a 74-year-old Bunnell man, pointed a gun out the window into the parking lot, but later said he saw it up by the driver's mirror. The cars parked next to each other.

The driver told police that he believed the man became upset with him as they were both parking at the same time, according to the report. The driver said the man "appeared to have an attitude with him" but that he couldn't understand what he was saying. He told police he removed his gun from the center console of his vehicle and placed it in his front jacket pocket, and when he got out and noticed the butt of the gun was hanging out, moved it to his right front pocket. 

Both the driver and the man (and their passengers) entered the same restaurant. After obtaining surveillance footage, and because the man incorrectly reported the color of the driver's gun and then changed his statement about the driver pointing it, police determined there was no cause to press charges. 

Feb. 13

Rage brewed

7:42 a.m. — 300 block of South Nova Road, Ormond Beach

Vandalism. A 62-year-old Ormond Beach woman called police after a woman in a drive-thru line of a coffee shop chain broke the middle pane of her back window by throwing a water bottle.

The victim was in the drive-thru line when the woman, who appeared to be in her 20s and was wearing scrubs, claimed the victim cut her off in line, according to a police report. The woman continued yelling at the victim and then exited her car to bang on the victim's driver side window. The woman then opened the victim's car door and told her to move her car from the line.

After, the report states, the woman returns to her car and grabs a mostly-full plastic water bottle and throws it at the victim's car. Police spoke with a witness over the phone who confirmed the victim's story. 

The victim estimated the damage to her vehicle was between $500 and $800. She wished to press charges.


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