Letter: State Legislature and the fuel farm debate

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  • | 2:00 p.m. February 14, 2024
  • | Updated 9:30 a.m. February 15, 2024
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Listless Vessels

Dear Editor:

Heard the term "Listless Vessels" not as nautical term but referring to persons. After six months of city/county council meetings, I now understand the meaning. Actions speak louder than words! Only County Council Chair Jeff Brower has acted for citizens of Volusia from the very start over the inappropriate placement of Belvedere Fuel Tanks shoehorned into residential, business, sports complex, environmentally protected area, inadequate roadways.

This driven by Florida Legislature/Governor DeSantis in SB 1624 power grab taking away local government rights clearing the path for energy sector businesses like Belvedere Fuel Tanks throughout the state. This has truly been in the making for sometime evidenced in the "test run" of SB 250. Ormond Beach, Jacksonville and Fort Pierce residents do not want this and Jacksonville has also fought a wind farm!


Aug. 1, 2023: Lori Tolland in meeting recordings at approximately 32 minutes into recording (not written Minutes) acknowledges everyone on the commission knew about the fuel terminal for over a year (weekly report June, 2022). This reference includes Troy Kent now County Council and excludes Travis Sargent not yet on the City Commission. Although Ms. Tolland asked questions and knew the risks, she continues to vote 'Yes' in the end to create a heavy industrial zoning district. During her questions, there was not a single comment from anyone including Commissioner Persis who in the past championed environmental issues such as banning plastic straws but no concerns over a fuel tank farm?

Aug. 15, 2023 Mayor Partington opens a filled chamber with “You are barking up the wrong tree” before minutes are officially recorded. I do not think anyone in attendance will ever forget that!

For six months, County Council (except Chair Brower) engaged residents with visual contempt by Robins, Santiago and often Johansson. Council Dempsey expressed the dangers of the airport/tank proximity, yet also voted no on I-2 Industrial moratorium but was certain to promote housing community (where he would like to live) on Florida West Coast does not have diminished property values based on proximity to fuel tanks. Also, Mr. Dempsey was more concerned about dealing with this during election season... I believe it’s the perfect time. And poor Council Reinhart seemed dumbfounded with his 'No' vote.

All the happy talk seems nothing more than stonewalling so the state can get power grab in place...What will we need city/county for if state dictates how it grows!

Cecilia List

Ormond Beach


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