Massaro's complaint about Furry's Letter to the Editor spurs argument and insults

Christy Chong said fellow Flagler Schools Board member Cheryl Massaro is a “source of constant drama."

School Board member Cheryl Massaro. File photo
School Board member Cheryl Massaro. File photo
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Cheryl Massaro’s relationship with some of her fellow Flagler County School Board members have been rocky at times, but they seemed to hit rock bottom with a couple of them at the board meeting on Tuesday, April 16.

Her comments about a Letter to the Editor in the Observer written by Board Chair Will Furry infuriated Christy Chong to the point where Chong and Massaro began hurling insults.

Massaro announced the previous week that she won’t be running for re-election this year. Toward the end of an uneventful meeting, in which the board voted only on consent agenda items, Massaro used the board member request item to say that she was very disappointed in Furry’s Letter to the Editor regarding the board’s decision to discontinue memberships at the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club.

Furry eventually explained that his letter was in response to another letter that referenced the Swim and Racquet Club decision.

Furry was contacted by the Observer and given the opportunity to respond because the letter had targeted Furry.

Massaro said she hoped that Furry become more familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order. She said because it was after a divisive 3-2 vote he shouldn’t have written the letter.

“Much of the information is accurate,” she said. “But it also didn’t include the (district’s) $80,000 loss regardless (after memberships are discontinued).”

Furry, who seemed to be getting irritated, asked Massaro if she had a board member request.

“There are 11 duties you have. You actually serve at the pleasure of the four of us,” she said. “Make certain you attend the Florida School Board Association’s chairmanship training. You’re getting there (but) you don’t take a (3-2) vote to a Letter to the Editor.”

“Are you serious right now?” Chong said. “You make comments to the paper all the time.”

“It’s out of order and it’s wrong,” Massaro said.

During closing comments, Chong returned to the conversation.

“It’s sad that some people don’t realize they are the source of constant drama and constant comments out in the media, and that they are bullies,” Chong said.

“He’s the biggest bully we have,” Massaro said of Furry.

“It’s my time to talk,” Chong said. “You are what I hope our children do not end up like.”

“You work so well with the kids. Thank you,” Massaro said.

Chong said she will be looking forward to the coming elections.

Furry, in his comments, acknowledged that “there were a little fireworks tonight. But don’t worry,” he said, “we’re moving Flagler forward. We’ve done great things and we’re going to do great things. Hang in there, but I’m truly excited about what we have in store for the future of Flagler Schools.”

Furry closed his comments by soliciting people to run for School Board seats.

“I do wish that people out there who are considering a School Board run for any of the districts, there are some positions available,” he said.

Both Massaro and Colleen Conklin have said they won’t be running for re-election this year, while Sally Hunt has indicated that her family is planning to eventually move, and at that point she would resign her seat.


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