3 letters: On SRD funding, on endorsements and about roundabouts

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  • | 9:40 a.m. April 3, 2024
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Don't take away SRD funding

Dear Editor:

When I heard that the funding for school resource deputies is in jeopardy, my heart sunk. I was in shock. I used to live in Broward County. On February 14, 2018, I was watching the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting live. The shooting was 30 minutes from my school. That could have been me.

I don’t want that tragedy to happen not only in Flagler County, but nationally. We need to know that our schools are protected and by taking away funding for the resource officers, you are taking away the trust that the parents had in the local government.

Parents drop their kid off trusting that their child will be protected and safe. (School Resource Deputies) make sure that the school is always protected, even after school. They also play a crucial role responding to incidents such as violence and emergency situations. For example, the deputies and school staff prevented injuries from a student with a knife.

If the county takes away funding for SRDs, you might be taking a relationship or a mentorship from a student. Many students look up to the officers and think of them as a friend or a parent that they never had. The community must come together and use their voice, and make a change.

Valentina Mondragon

Palm Coast

Editor's Note: Velentina is a sixth-grade student at Indian Trails Middle School. She read this letter to the Flagler County School Board at its March 26 business meeting.  

Reader likes opinions, smaller pages

Dear Editor:

I like to read your opinion for voting in presidential elections, as well as city elections.

The best for me was the smaller format of the newspaper, like before. My hands are too short to hold the newspaper, and my glasses are too far from pages, and you can save trees.

Branka Bjelejac

Palm Coast

Editor's Note: Thank you for your feedback! We no longer endorse any political candidates. Our goal is to build bridges of understanding by informing readers about candidates' lives and positions. As far as the format of the newspaper, I'm sorry that the larger pages are harder to handle, but we hope you enjoy the added space for more stories about your community.

Roundabouts are waste of money

Dear Editor:

Another Roundabout … WHY? Does anybody know the purpose of those ridiculous waste of the taxpayers money that nobody likes?

The speed limit is 60 and you have to hit the brakes and hope you get through all those yield signs safely and then accelerate creating more air pollution. Has anybody kept records of how many accidents have been caused by those roundabouts on U.S. 1?

Bill Simpson

Palm Coast


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