Mayor Bill Partington says city has sprung into action to oppose fuel farm

'The health, safety, and very essence of Ormond Beach hangs in the balance,' the mayor writes.

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  • | 2:00 p.m. September 5, 2023
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As your mayor, I am extremely aware that the residents of Ormond Beach have deep concerns about the adverse effects of the proposed Belvedere fuel terminal. The idea of a fuel terminal so close to our homes is not just about potential environmental, health, and safety concerns; it's about preserving the quality of life we cherish.

Firstly, the increased truck traffic from the terminal threatens the very essence of our peaceful town. Imagine waking up to the continuous rumble of heavy vehicles instead of the familiar sounds of children playing or birds chirping. The air, thick with exhaust fumes, replacing the fresh air we’ve always taken for granted. Such disruptions are not mere inconveniences; they pose genuine health risks, especially for our children and the elderly with respiratory issues. Not to mention the traffic delays and dangers in the very busy proposed area that does not have the appropriate infrastructure to handle a project of this size and impact.

Think of our local sports complex, the hub of youthful energy and community gatherings. How will these recreational sports and tournaments fare with constant disruptions and the looming shadow of tanker trucks?

Now, picture the vibrant, bustling energy during Bike Week and Biketoberfest. With the proposed traffic, these cherished events could turn from exciting festivities into logistical nightmares. The very thought of 167 tanker trucks navigating our already busy streets from incoming tourists during this timeframe is alarming.

And let's not forget the I-95/US 1 interchange. Already considered one of the most dangerous intersections in the state of Florida, with additional strain, we might be turning it into a ticking time bomb of potential accidents. The transportation of hazardous materials, such as fuel, always carries inherent risks. Any mishap or leakage could have devastating consequences for our community, including contamination of our water sources, soil, and air. The long-term effects of such incidents on our health and the environment are simply too great to overlook.

The possible depreciation in property values is another wound in the fabric of our community. Many have invested their life's savings into their homes here, drawn by Ormond Beach's charm and promise.

From the action taken at the last Ormond Beach Commission meeting, it is clear that our resident's concerns are shared by the entire commission and are being taken seriously. We're not just discussing policies; we're shaping the future of our town. The health, safety, and very essence of Ormond Beach hangs in the balance, and we have sprung into action to protect our city.

I urge you, each one of you, to lend your voice, share your stories, and remain involved in this process. As I liaise with leaders and officials, we will call on Belvedere authorities to see us not just as a location but as a living, breathing community that will be detrimentally affected by their project. We will continue to ask them to consider alternative locations for the terminal, well away from residential areas and as far as possible from Ormond Beach and Volusia County, to protect the well-being of our community.

Let's come together, unite our voices, and ensure the spirit of Ormond Beach shines bright, now and always.

Bill Partington, Mayor

City of Ormond Beach


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