COPS CORNER: Man breaks into gas station, leaves debit card as payment

Also in Cops: Woman reports theft — months after it happened

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Feb. 5

Man breaks into gas station, leaves debit card as payment

2:25 a.m., 100 block of Matanzas Woods Parkway, Palm Coast

Armed burglary, petit theft. A Cocoa Beach man was arrested by Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies less than two hours after breaking into a gas station because he left behind his debit card — on purpose.

In the surveillance footage from the gas station, the man entered from the back of the store and stole dog food, water, antifreeze, oil, cigarillos and an electronic tobacco device, according to the arrest report. One of the responding deputies also recognized the man from a vehicle fire earlier in the day across the street of the gas station.

When deputies found him, the man said he had wondered how long it would take them.

He admitted to breaking into the gas station’s back door with his knife, the report said. He told deputies he had meant to get there earlier to buy dog food for his dog but arrived after the gas station had closed.

He said he left the debit card behind so he could pay for the items when the store opened in the morning. He was arrested instead.

Jan. 29

Woman reports theft — months after it happened

6 p.m., 100 block of Matanzas Woods Parkway, Palm Coast

Residential burglary. Three months after it happened, a woman who recently moved to Palm Coast reported several moving totes had been stolen from her truck.

The totes contained many items, the woman said, but the main valuables she reported missing included a ham radio, two compact telescope fishing rods, a double-edged, foldable fishing knife and the woman’s birth certificate and expired passport.

The woman said she believed the items were stolen three weeks after she moved to the area in mid-August, the incident report said. She said she arrived home and took a nap; when she came outside a couple hours later, she found two clear plastic moving totes in her driveway that were in her truck before she took her nap.

She said several other totes were missing from the interior and bed of her truck as well, the report said. She did not remember if the truck had been locked.

She told the deputy the reason she waited to report the theft was because someone would have to register the radio to use it, the report said.


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