Neighbors tire of four-wheelers on Leeway Trail in Ormond Beach

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Dec. 13

Shipping cost

1:15 p.m. — First block of Levee Lane, Ormond Beach

Fraud. A 78-year-old Ormond Beach woman called police out of concern that a package she recently mailed had arrived without its contents — $8,500 in cash. 

The woman told police she had received an email in November from someone claiming to be with the United Nations. This person told her that they could assist in bringing home the woman's boyfriend, an alleged four-star general, home from the war in Gaza, according to a police report. It would just cost her $8,500, which the woman mailed to an address in Houston, Texas.

On Dec. 9, the woman received another email stating the package had arrived, but that it had arrived empty. She was instructed to send more money, which the woman opted not to do. 

The woman said she had met her boyfriend at a football game in Virginia and said that, while they had talked about him coming home, she hadn't inquired about doing so online. Police suspected the alleged general was involved in the scam. The woman didn't wish to press charges. 

Dec. 14

Fast and furious

6:46 p.m. — First block of Abacus Avenue, Ormond Beach

Reckless driver. Police responded to a local neighborhood after receiving reports about four-wheelers driving at a high rate of speed on Leeway Trail.

Police spoke to two witnesses, one of whom expressed frustration about how fast the four-wheelers were traveling as they were tearing up the grass on Leeway Trail, according to a police report. As police spoke with the witnesses, another officer attempted to track down the drivers of the four-wheelers, but he was unsuccessful. 

The reporting officer told the witnesses that they would patrol the area as much as possible, and the witness said she usually notices an increase in four-wheelers when school is out for holidays or during weekends. 

Dec. 16

Donut and dash

12:09 a.m. — Intersection of Gowers Street and Halifax Avenue, Ormond Beach

Information. An off-road vehicle was found flipped over, but once police arrived, its driver was nowhere to be found. 

A resident told police that he saw a truck speed off in the neighborhood, and that when he went to investigate, he found the off-road vehicle flipped on its hood, according to a police report. The reporting officer noted the vehicle was damaged on both of its front doors and hood and that next to it on the grass were several "donuts," likely caused by the vehicle going around in circles. 

The off-road vehicle was towed.


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