Man arrested after looking in windows of home he claimed to once own

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Aug. 14


9:45 a.m. — 100 block of East Granada Boulevard, Ormond Beach

Fraud. A local public bus driver contacted police after suspecting that one of his passengers stole his checkbook. 

The driver told police that he had let the passenger, who had been riding the bus for about six months, move in with him after the passenger fell on hard times, according to a police report. 

About a week before he spoke with police, the driver noticed that a reloadable debit card was missing from a drawer in his home. 

He confronted the passenger about it, but the man denied taking it. 

Then, the next day, the driver got a phone call from a local bank representative who said someone was trying to cash a check in his name. The suspect matched the passenger's description.

The driver then noticed his checkbook had also been stolen from his home.

He gave police the 47-year-old passenger's physical description, which included a "shiny bald head," and said he wanted to pursue charges.

Aug. 19

At a glance

7:50 a.m. — First block of Broadriver Road, Ormond Beach

Loitering. After receiving a call about a suspicious person looking into the windows of homes in a gated neighborhood, police spotted the suspect walking eastbound on Broadriver Road.

Officers asked the man, a 36-year-old from Ormond Beach, what he was doing. The man said he used to live in the neighborhood and wanted to check in on his old house, according to a police report. 

He told police that his home had been "stolen from him" and that he had moved out three years ago to "avoid conflict."  He said he wanted to look inside and see if he recognized any of the belongings.

The reporting officer asked the man what he intended to do if he did recognize anything in the house.

"Are you asking if I was going to break in?" the man responded, according to the report.

Police spoke with the owner of the house the man claimed he used to live in. She said she didn't recognize him and that she had lived in the home for 10 years. 

Officers arrested the man and took him to jail.


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