Letters: On traffic predictions for Tomoka Oaks golf course development

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  • | 6:00 p.m. August 14, 2023
  • | Updated 10:35 a.m. August 15, 2023
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Development will add 600 cars

Dear Editor:

This letter concerns the possible development of 276 new houses on the old Tomoka Oaks Golf Course in Ormond Beach.

LTG, a traffic firm hired by the developer (Mr. Rubin, Mr. Velie and Mr. Barshay), predicts that the new development will add only two times as many cars and trucks exiting via Tomoka Oaks Boulevard to Nova during peak morning travel. This seems too low, since the new houses will add 600 vehicles and more than 2,700 daily trips at a minimum. The development traffic will block Escondido Condo’s only entrance.

At the Granada and Main Trails intersection, LTG is predicting that after the development is built, there will only be 18 more peak morning cars exiting onto Granada. Only 18 more cars. The development adds 600 more cars, and many will try to exit through the Trails to Granada to the new elementary school, Walmart, Lowes and other locations. Taking the Trails route versus Nova is about the same travel time and a lot more pleasant.

These predictions from LTG call into question their data and methodology. We could not hire a traffic expert because no one local wanted to oppose Mr. Rubin and his development.

None of our old narrow roads have sidewalks. When I walk, run or bike, I am in the street surrounded by cars and trucks whizzing around me. The curving, tree-lined streets and traffic islands obstruct driver views and put kids in danger.

Four houses down from our house, a woman pedestrian was killed by a driver. I have seen a city inspector almost get hit by a speeding car, and large delivery trucks speeding around blind curves and clipping overhead wires and trees. 

I am asking the Ormond Beach Planning Board and  commissioners to significantly limit the number of houses and finish the street work before house construction. Plan this possible development correctly to limit the injuries and deaths from 600 more cars and trucks.

Tom Fitzgibbon

Ormond Beach

Planning Board hearing for Aug. 21

Dear Editor:

The Ormond Beach Planning Board is holding its second hearing on Monday, Aug. 21 to continue the board's hearing regarding building 276 homes on the Tomoka Oaks golf course property.

Please plan to attend to demonstrate your concern regarding this proposed development. The location of the hearing is Tomoka Christian Church, located at 1450 Hand Ave. in Ormond Beach. Hearing starts at 6 p.m. (This August hearing location is different from the July hearing location, so please be sure to write down the correct church address.)

We realize this is a busy time of the year with school starting and people taking end of summer vacations, but all Ormond Beach residents are encouraged to attend if possible to let our planning board members know we are opposed to the overdevelopment occurring in our city. The Tomoka Oaks neighborhood entirely surrounds the golf course property. If development is ultimately approved for 276 homes (or any number of homes) on the current green space, whose green space will be swallowed up next?

Carolyn Davis

Ormond Beach

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