Unidentified woman steals $4 US flag from local business

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July 17

Client complaint

11:12 a.m. — 300 block of Clyde Morris Boulevard, Ormond Beach

Suspicious incident. Police responded to a local ophthalmology clinic after its management reported that a former patient was leaving "cryptic" comments on the clinic's social media page.

The clinic's CEO told the reporting officer that the patient had been leaving comments since May, but that the CEO grew concerned that day because the patient had posted a comment ending with the words, "God's looking for you," according to a police report. 

The CEO said none of the comments threatened the clinic, and that they were about a cosmetic procedure the patient had received two years ago. 

Police reviewed all of the comments and determined that there was no threat. 

The reporting officer asked the clinic's management team if they wanted him to speak with the patient, but they declined. 

July 27

You're a grand old flag

9:07 a.m. — First block of West Granada Boulevard, Ormond Beach

Theft. An Ormond Beach resident called police after he noticed that a small U.S. flag had been stolen from his business. 

The resident told police that he discovered the theft when he reviewed his security camera footage, according to a police report. 

The footage from the previous night showed a man and woman walk by the business. The woman removed the flag from the ground and walked away with it. 

The resident said that the man in the footage looked confused by the woman's actions, the police report states. The resident did not recognize them. 

He estimated that the flag was worth about $4, but stated its sentimental value was greater and that he wanted to pursue charges. 

Aug. 1

Lock your doors

2:50 p.m. — First block of Eagle Drive, Ormond Beach

Burglary. An Ormond Beach woman's wedding ring was stolen from inside her home while she was in another room, according to a police report.

The woman and her husband — who recently moved to town — were busy renovating their home when she removed her ring to paint a bedroom, placing it on top of an open drawer in the kitchen. 

Her husband left to buy supplies, and about five minutes later, according to the police report, she heard someone call out, "Hello?" from the main living area. 

The woman said she "did not believe she heard anything and that it was just a thought," so she didn't go investigate, the report states. 

But shortly after, she reported seeing a person's shadow walking past the back window of her home.

When her husband returned two hours later, she noticed her ring was gone. 

The couple had left their garage door open because of their ongoing renovations. The door leading to the kitchen from the garage was closed, but unlocked, according to the police report.


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