3 LETTERS: on DeSantis, City Council behavior, 9/11 lesson

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  • | 1:10 p.m. September 16, 2021
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DeSantis' decisions will result in more deaths

Dear Editor:

What is wrong with Gov. Ron DeSantis? Does he not believe in science? His mask mandate demonstrates one of not only poor judgment, but self-serving and personally indulgent! How many people must perish in order for him to recognize reality and treat the population of Florida in accordance with best medical practice? 

I am personally more than disappointed in his decision and fear that it will be responsible for many more deaths.

Gerald Tanenbaum

Palm Coast


City Council needs to behave, work together

Dear Editor:

I am embarrassed to admit that I have been living in Palm Coast for six years and have never gone to a City Council meeting. I am more embarrassed, however, by the behaviors of some of the council members at the Special Workshop Budget Meeting held on Sept. 7.

The yelling and rude comments between council members was nothing short of a disgrace. The name calling, yelling and rude comments started at the get-go. If you want to hear some of the banter between our council members, please start listening to the audio (which can be found on the Palm Coast Government website), starting at 9 minutes, 48 seconds. 

Here’s the deal: Political party affiliations have no place in our government, period. Whether you voted for Trump or Biden is inconsequential. Honestly, I felt sorry for Victor Barbosa, who appeared to be the most calm and focused out of all the council members, while still dealing with the residual effects of COVID.

Gentlemen, please behave like gentlemen and not the thugs I witnessed during this meeting. Work together to continue making Palm Coast the best city to live in.

Joan Soldano

Palm Coast


Our greatness as a nation is our acceptance and diversity

Dear Editor:

The horrific events of 9/11 have left a scar on the American psyche that has festered and grown from the sadness and despair of that day to a full-blown anger and a great chasm between we, the people, who need to heal and shore up just as we would shore up a building in need of repair.  

Ground zero in New York City, the Pentagon, and that field in Pennsylvania are now the monuments to those that died that fateful day. But as Lincoln said at Gettysburg, we cannot dedicate or consecrate, or hallow, those grounds with our words on this day. It is our duty, to the fallen, that day and after in our quest to have a better world, to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work of America as a work in progress.  

We are not a stamped shape of any one group of any one belief, any one faith, but rather of all the traits that make us great. It is our diversity. It is our uniqueness of acceptance of all those who call this place their home. 

If we fail to allow that to grow and flourish as it always has and fall into the trap of anger and hostility towards all those not a rubber stamp of us, then those monsters who ruled that day will have won because we will become just like them.

Jeffery C. Seib

Palm Coast


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