COPS CORNER: Man soliciting business flashes resident who told him to get lost

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Nov. 16

Man soliciting business flashes resident who told him to get lost

6:07 p.m. Palm Coast B-Section 

Unlawful solicitation, exposure of sexual organs. A man opened the door when someone knocked. The knocker, a man with head tattoos, said he was seeking customers for his pressure washing business.

But when the resident asked him to leave, the tattooed man started arguing, said he wanted to "scrap," then, from across the street, lowered his pants and flashed the resident before leaving on a bike. 

The resident contacted a deputy. The deputy also spoke to a witness who'd heard the commotion and said he'd seen the tattooed man expose himself.

Deputies found the tattooed man riding a bicycle, with headphones on and a beer in his pocket.

He said he'd been out on his bike soliciting business, and that he'd gotten one customer. He admitted to arguing with the complainant. He was arrested. 

No hurry

3:29 a.m. Intersection of Belle Terre Boulevard and State Road 100

Trespassing. A deputy on patrol noticed a man walking toward a wooded lot between businesses. The deputy knew the land owner had been having problems with homeless people trespassing and had given the Sheriff's Office permission to remove them from the property.

The deputy tried to get the man's attention and shouted at him to stop, but the man kept walking, then said, "I had to use the bathroom."

The man disappeared into the woods, but the deputy found him laying under some bushes, and discovered that he had multiple open arrest warrants.

The man said he "was going to turn himself in, in a few days." The deputy arrested him.



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