Up to 1,274 new homes proposed on parcels along Old Kings Road

The existing communities of Eagle Lakes and Wexford Reserve may expand.

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Expansion projects are proposed for two communities that may bring almost 1,300 new homes to the area around Old Kings Road.

The Eagle Lakes community on the west side of Old Kings Road, south of Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park, may expand northward into a 401-acre Planned Unit Development-zoned parcel plus a 210-acre parcel that is currently zoned agricultural and listed on the county’s Future Land Use Map as agricultural/timberland.

The agricultural land is vacant, aside from a shed and storage container and cattle feeding and watering stations, according to an environmental assessment summary.

The property owner, Venture 8, is seeking to have the agricultural parcel rezoned to a Planned Unit Development designation to facilitate the expansion, proposing up to 451 single-family detached units in the 210-acre parcel, plus 742 units of senior adult housing in the 401-acre parcel, for a total of 1,193 units.

The development across the two parcels, if the agricultural one is rezoned to PUD, would generate a combined 660 p.m. peak hour vehicle trips and 7,439 daily trips, whereas maintaining the existing zoning would generate 620 p.m. peak hour trips and 5,956 daily trips, according to a technical memorandum by Lassiter Transportation Group.

The other proposed development is just to the south on Old Kings Road, near the Flagler-Volusia County line.

The owners of that land are also seeking a rezoning from an agricultural designation to a Planned Unit Development designation, in this case for a 39-acre parcel that would become a community called Wexford Reserve Flagler, with up to 81 upscale single-family homes on lots of at least 75 feet by 125 feet.

It would be a northward expansion of the existing Volusia County Wexford Reserve, with which it would share an existing Wexford Reserve entrance on Acoma Drive. The developer is working with the Florida Governmental Utility Authority and Volusia County government to secure Volusia County utility services.

The proposals for both developments are currently undergoing Flagler County’s technical review process, and the county’s Technical Review Committee has not issued any findings at this time, according to a county spokeswoman. 


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