Ormond man ingests drugs while being chased by police

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Feb. 19

Lawyered up

11:45 a.m. — Intersection of U.S 1 and West Granada Boulevard

DUI. A 43-year-old Ormond Beach woman was arrested for driving under the influence after she crashed into another vehicle, having refused to complete the field sobriety exercises and instead asking to speak to her attorney.

When the reporting officer responded to the scene, he noticed the woman had "slurred speech, droopy eyes, and a flushed face," consistent with being under the influence of some sort of substance, according to the police report. The woman appeared confused about where she had been driving before the crash, and when asked for her registration and insurance information, she struggled to locate it. Instead, she handed police hospital discharge paperwork. 

Then, she asked to see the officer's cellphone, telling him she wanted to call her daughter to come pick her up. The officer noted that she had previously used her own cell phone to call a friend for this same reason, but that she told the friend the wrong location.

Shortly afterward, the woman lit a cigarette next to an operating gas pump, and the officer instructed her to put it out. The woman said she thought he told her to leave, and tried to start her car. 

Officers notified her they would begin a DUI investigation, at which point the woman asked to speak with a lawyer. After she was handcuffed, the woman screamed that the officers were hurting her, and the reporting officer stated "she continued this course of action even when no one was holding her," the report reads. 

In the back seat of the patrol car, the woman began speaking to herself. She told police she was talking to her daughter over a bluetooth earpiece.

She was taken to jail.

Feb. 21

Concealing evidence

2:48 p.m. — 900 block of Willow Run

Tampering with physical evidence. Police arrested a 27-year-old Ormond Beach man after he swallowed heroin, knowing he would be arrested because he had an open warrant.

A police officer was patrolling a local park when he spotted the man in the surroundings. The officer knew the man had an open felony warrant for his arrest, "as they have had dealings in the past, according to the police report. The man fled from the scene on foot, and as officers searched for him, citizens notified seeing him pass through their yards as he hopped fences. 

Police located the man on top of a fence in a residential neighborhood, and he was taken into custody. It was then he told police officers he needed to spit, emitting a brown substance out of his mouth and onto the asphalt. The substance tested positive for heroin and fentanyl, and the man was transported to the hospital. 

Once cleared, he was taken to jail.

Feb. 28

Road burn

12:59 a.m. — Intersection of Hand Avenue and Oak Brook Drive

DUI. While conducting a traffic stop, a police officer heard a loud noise. He looked for the source, spotting a Camaro traveling southbound with two tires that were so flat, the vehicle was traveling on its rims, according to the police report.

He cleared the traffic stop he was on and pursued the Camaro to pull the driver over. 

The driver, a 44-year-old Ormond Beach woman, got out of her car though the officer asked her to stay put. He noted in the police report that she "appeared unable to listen to simple verbal commands," and proceeded to open her passenger-side door and dig around. The officer asked her to get back in the driver's seat, and she complied.

The officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from her mouth. He asked why she didn't initially stop when he activated his siren, and she said that she didn't see or hear him. The woman said she hit something and was "freaked out" so she kept driving on the two flat tires, according to the report.

During the conversation, the officer asked her what was in the styrofoam cup in the center console, and the woman said she didn't know what he was talking about and moved the cup behind her seat. The officer later concluded that the cup smelled of alcohol.

After failing the field sobriety tests, the woman was taken to jail. 


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